The Roles Have Changed: Portuguese Player Turns the Tables on Referee in Portugal vs. France Match

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an unexpected twist during a high-stakes football match between Portugal and France, a memorable moment unfolded that left fans and players alike in surprise and amusement. The image capturing this unforgettable scene has quickly gained attention on social media, drawing reactions from all corners of the internet.

The photograph, taken during the 54th minute of the match, shows a referee clad in a bright turquoise shirt, black shorts, and matching turquoise socks. The referee is seen holding a yellow card high in his right hand, clearly issuing a warning for a foul or misconduct. His left hand is stretched out to the side, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

However, what makes this moment truly remarkable is the Portuguese player standing in front of the referee. Wearing the iconic red shirt, green shorts, and red socks of the Portuguese national team, the player with the number 23 on his jersey is seen holding up a yellow card with his left hand. This gesture, filled with either disbelief or frustration, seems to mimic the referee’s action, almost as if the player is returning the favor.

The scene is set on a lush green football field, with other players visible in the background, although they are not the focus of the image. The scoreboard at the top of the image reads "POR 0 0 FRA" with a timer showing "54:16," indicating a closely contested match. In the upper-left corner, the presence of "yle TV2 Suora" branding suggests the game is being broadcast live, adding to the drama of the moment.

Reddit users were quick to comment on this humorous and ironic situation. One user noted, "You're fast, that just happened," highlighting the quick reflexes of both the referee and the player. Another user humorously remarked, "Uno reverse," likening the player’s action to the popular card game move. A nostalgic comment recalled, "Ga**a once got carded for returning the ref's card, although Ga**a being Ga**a - he did make it look like he was booking the ref!"

The photo has sparked a variety of reactions, with some fans playfully commenting, "No U," and another adding a cheeky, "You dropped this mother f***er."

This unique moment from the Portugal vs. France match serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and often entertaining nature of football, where even the most serious situations can take an amusing turn. As the image continues to circulate, it remains a testament to the spirited and passionate world of sports.

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You're fast, that just happened.


Ga**a once got carded for returning the refs card, although Ga**a being Ga**a - he did make it look like he was booking the ref! ;-)


Uno reverse


No U


"You dropped this mother f***er"

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