Entertaining Food Coloring Fail: A Fourth of July Sandwich Mishap

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The Fourth of July is often synonymous with vibrant celebrations, fireworks, and festive foods. However, one Reddit user’s attempt to create a patriotic sandwich with food coloring went hilariously awry, resulting in what some commenters likened to the flags of the Republic of Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire.

The image showcases a sandwich preparation in progress, with two slices of whole grain bread. The slice on the bottom remains plain, while the top slice is adorned with three distinct lines of colored spread. From left to right, the hues are orange, yellow, and green. The sandwich components sit on a round, gray plate with a slight sheen. In the background, part of a stovetop with a pot covered by a glass lid is visible, alongside a blue, shallow dish or spoon rest.

Redditors were quick to react with a mix of humor and critique. One user quipped, “Nice Republic of Guinea flag on toast!” while another remarked, “Didn’t remember colors from art class in 5th grade, huh?” The unexpected color combinations led to some amusing commentary, including a suggestion to save the creation for St. Patrick’s Day instead.

The original poster’s effort to use food coloring evidently led to a kindergarten lesson on color theory, as pointed out by a keen observer. The combination of blue and yellow creating green, and red and yellow making orange, was a fundamental lesson revisited through this culinary experiment.

Despite the mixed reactions, one commenter shared a personal anecdote about the time they begged their grandparents for purple Heinz ketchup, only to be repulsed by it upon receiving it. Another user humorously suggested selling the sandwich to Sam-I-Am, a nod to Dr. Seuss’s famous character from “Green Eggs and Ham.”

While the attempt may not have resulted in a traditional Fourth of July sandwich, it certainly provided a colorful lesson and a good laugh for many. So, next time you’re tempted to use food coloring in your culinary creations, remember this Redditor’s experience and perhaps brush up on your color theory first.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Nice Republic of Guinea flag on toast!


Didn’t remember colors from art class in 5th grade huh




It was already yellow. Blue and yellow made green, red and yellow made orange. I would totally do that though lol.


looks horrible


Food colouring normal food has always looked so vile to me. Begged and begged my grandparents for the purple Heinz ketchup and they bought it and I did NOT wanna try that. I still feel bad about it 😂


Sandwich Côte d'Ivoire! pas si délicieux..


Tf even is that? Rice? Oats?




Egg salad? I’m impressed and upset.

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