Comical Cookie Design: Once You Go Grey, There Ain't No Other Way

Harper Quill

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The internet is buzzing over a comical and creative cookie design that has taken Reddit by storm. Titled "Once you go grey, there ain't no other way," this image showcases an intricately decorated cookie that looks like a pair of pants, sparking a wave of humorous comments and reactions.

The image is divided into two sections, each highlighting different stages of the cookie decorating process. On the left side, a pastry bag is seen applying greenish-grey icing onto a rectangular-shaped cookie. The icing is meticulously applied to form the shape of pants, with the crotch area distinctly defining the legs. Adding a touch of flair, a small blob of orange icing is being delicately placed on the top left part of the waist area, resembling a belt buckle or decorative accent.

On the right side of the image, the cookie is now fully iced, clearly resembling pants with well-defined legs. The orange blob of icing stands out amidst the greenish icing, adding a striking detail to the design. The edges of the pants, along with the waistline, showcase small, textured embellishments that make the clothing design even more eye-catching.

Reddit users couldn't hold back their amusement and creativity in the comments section. One user exclaimed, "Oh man! How'd you get the beans above the frank?" while another humorously questioned, "Is that a blob of icing in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?" The comment "Sticky Fingers" added to the lighthearted atmosphere, with another user playfully asking, "Why’d you take the balls home?"

The witty commentary didn't stop there. Users chimed in with remarks like, "Please, they ain't seeing s*** when I wear those," and "Placement dude. Placement." showing their appreciation for the precise and detailed application of the icing. One enthusiastic user declared, "Omg I love this lol," and another intriguingly asked, "Dinosaur cookies?"

This creative and amusing cookie design has not only captivated the Reddit community but also sparked a wave of laughter and admiration. With its clever use of icing to create a realistic pair of pants, this cookie has undoubtedly become an internet sensation, proving that once you go grey, there truly ain't no other way.

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Oh man! How'd you get the beans above the frank?


Is that a blob of icing in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?


Sticky Fingers


*Why’d you take the balls home?*


Please, they aint seeing s*** when I wear those


Placement dude. Placement.


Omg I love this lol


Dinosaur cookies?

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