Adam's Entertaining Struggle with Lactose Intolerance: A Journey Through Dairy Alternatives

Harper Quill

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Adam recently discovered that he is lactose intolerant, and his journey to navigate this new dietary restriction has been nothing short of entertaining. In a video that has quickly gained popularity on Reddit, Adam opens up about his dilemma: Should he continue enjoying his favorite foods and deal with the uncomfortable consequences, or should he avoid them altogether?

The video starts with Adam pondering whether he can still indulge in ice cream or a good Greek yogurt. He quickly realizes that both are off-limits. His friend tries to help by suggesting various alternatives, but the solutions are often off-base. From pressed juicery's almond milk-based ice cream to simply drinking water, Adam's friend throws out a range of ideas, none of which seem to hit the mark initially.

The conversation takes an amusing turn when Adam's friend suggests that he might not be lactose intolerant but rather allergic to poor-quality food. "Good pizza I can eat," Adam admits, leading to a discussion about how properly made mozzarella cheese contains little to no lactose. This revelation sparks a wave of comments from viewers who share their own experiences and tips.

One user explains that properly made mozzarella cheese, especially the low-moisture aged variety, has zero lactose. Another user adds that some people with lactose intolerance can handle yogurt because the bacteria in it release lactase enzyme, which helps break down lactose. These insights provide Adam with some hope and practical advice.

Other users chime in with suggestions of lactase supplements, which can be taken before consuming dairy to help break down lactose. Cashew milk ice cream and oat milk ice cream also come highly recommended for their creamy texture and delicious taste. Talenti dairy-free gelato and sorbetto, particularly the coffee flavor, receive high praise as well.

The video also features a humorous side note about April, who is dealing with neck pain. Adam's friend jokingly suggests she try Greek yogurt, adding a light-hearted touch to the discussion.

The humorous yet informative video has resonated with many viewers. One user comments on the "MBMBAM vibes," referring to the comedic podcast "My Brother, My Brother and Me," and applauds the format. Another user suggests that this comedy style could help comedians engage with their audience more effectively without encouraging disruptive behavior.

Overall, Adam's candid and humorous take on his lactose intolerance struggle has sparked a lively conversation and provided valuable insights for others facing similar issues. Whether it's finding the right dairy alternatives or understanding the nuances of lactose intolerance, Adam and his friends have turned a challenging situation into an entertaining and educational experience for everyone involved.

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Top Comments from Reddit


The reason he says "good pizza is fine" is because properly made mozzarella cheese does not contain lactose in it. Specifically low moisture aged mozzarella has 0 lactose in it.


Pardis is a duo act now?


Some people with lactose intolerance actually can handle yogurt. When you eat the yogurt the bacteria in it basically pop in your stomach/intestines and release lactase enzyme which breaks down the lactose before it can cause the typical GI symptoms. Your suggestion actually wasn’t that dumb!


They also make lactase supplements that contain the enzymes to break down lactose sugar, just take it right before you eat


Cashew milk ice cream is the best non dairy. Still has a ton of sugar in it, but cashews make a heavy, creamy ice cream compared to all else.


Suggestions of yogurt and "good" mozz both make sense to me. I am not officially diagnosed as lactose intolerant but when i eat a lot of dairy, I have symptoms so I assume I have it. Maybe I am "less tolerant"...who knows.


I think this comedy format is phenomenal, and should be adopted in more places. You could mix and match some prepped material and audience submitted stuff. It seems like a good solution to the problem a lot of comedians are complaining about where the rise of crowd work has made audiences more annoying because they want to be an active participant. This way you can do more directed crowd work without encouraging the audience to keep trying to blurt s*** out.


They have lactose free ice cream.


MBMBAM vibes! I love it! Keep up thee good work


I'm like Adam these days, ice cream and soft cheeses no longer agree with me. I will say that Oat milk ice cream is really good.

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