The Grueling Reality of Agriculture: A Day in Yorkshire's Fields

Zoey Waverider

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Agriculture often remains an unseen and underappreciated world. A recent viral video titled "Long a** day in Agriculture" provides an unfiltered glimpse into the demanding life of a British agricultural worker. This captivating video takes viewers through a day filled with long commutes, challenging tasks, and unexpected mishaps.

The day begins on "National Take Your Stuff to Work Day," highlighting a humorous yet grueling commitment to not taking bathroom breaks. The narrator jestingly mentions carrying their burden around like luggage all day. The journey kicks off with contributing 140 pounds of diesel to global warming and a quick stop for some essentials, likening the empty shelves to a scene from "Dawn of the Dead."

The video showcases the narrator's commute, filled with traffic and time spent listening to podcasts like Peter Schiff's economic insights and updates on Ukraine. A mishap leads to an accidental nine-hour nap in a car park, further emphasizing the exhausting nature of the job.

Upon reaching the frosty fields of Yorkshire, the narrator embarks on soil sampling, specifically PCN (potato cyst nematode) sampling. These nematodes, tiny worms that damage potato crops, can cause extensive crop failures. The samples collected are crucial for identifying infestations and planning treatments, underscoring the importance of this labor-intensive task.

The narrative humorously details the struggle to find a suitable place for a bathroom break and the realization of a 300-pound profit from a gold investment. As daylight fades, the focus shifts to completing paperwork at a hotel, finally allowing some time for relaxation and creative writing.

Viewers and commenters on Reddit were intrigued by the video. One user humorously questioned if it was a Huel advertisement, while another appreciated the rarely seen glimpse into agricultural life, asking about the long commute. The relatable struggles and candid humor resonated with many, earning praise for the essential work done by agricultural workers.

The video also sparked discussions about the narrator's writing projects and the unique challenges faced in the agriculture industry. The comment section was filled with supportive messages, humorous observations about places like Kirk Smeaton, and admiration for the narrator's dedication and creativity.

"Long a** day in Agriculture" not only entertains but also sheds light on the vital yet taxing work that keeps the agriculture industry running. This video is a testament to the hardworking individuals who ensure that food reaches our tables, despite the long hours and physical demands.

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Is the whole thing a huel ad? I think I'm losing my grip on reality.


This is interesting, we don't see this life very often. Can I ask why you drive 3 hours to the field? Are you planting on someone else's field for them or is your field that far away?


Dude out here ruining his physical and mental health so we can get that greasy fries induced heart attack


Excuse me mate, unless you're working 24 hour shifts and driving 9 days straight, you didn't work a proper day! F*** all these people giving it in the comments, you did a s***ter of a drive and carried out work that's crucial to our agriculture industry! Bang up job. What ya writing about at the moment, brother? Would love to know!


Lol, driving far in uk . . .




Kirk Smeaton 🤣🤣 tickled me.


Upvote for municipal waste


Haha, I can imagine that Of Montreal song is perfect for crashing round the fields! ([](


Big up to the British Agri/Hort workers ✌️

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