Witty Employee of the Month Presentation: An Unexpected Twist at the Office

Aiden Starling

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a light-hearted moment that has taken the internet by storm, an image of an Employee of the Month award presentation has sparked a wave of reactions and speculations. The scene unfolds inside an office with windows covered by blinds, where two colleagues share a laugh over a transparent, glass-like award.

On the left, a man with brown hair and glasses, dressed in a light purple dress shirt paired with a lavender tie and black pants, stands proudly. His forearm tattoos add a touch of personality to his professional attire. On the right, a woman with blond hair and glasses, wearing a gray t-shirt featuring a black bird graphic on her left chest area, a blue tie, and a colorful multi-striped f**** pack around her waist, beams with joy. She is also casually dressed in jeans.

The man hands the award to the woman, who holds it with both hands, smiling broadly. The award, shaped like a flame or teardrop and mounted on a small black base, has partially visible text that reads: “________ Star ________ PEOPLE.”

The office ambiance includes a white desk and a cardboard box on the floor, adding to the everyday office setting. However, the internet couldn't resist adding their own witty commentaries.

One user humorously noted, "Photoshopping that tie in was a nice touch!" Another commented, "Even busted out the f**** pack, well done." The internet speculated whether the boss resembled Joe Manganiello or Gavin McGinnes, adding to the fun. One comment pointed out, "Is Negan your boss? Tough break," referencing the character from The Walking Dead.

The quirky element of the image, as highlighted by another user, was the award's shape, "The award is shaped like a b*** plug……..” While some users didn't quite get the humor, others appreciated the amusing facial expressions and the overall light-heartedness of the moment.

In essence, this Employee of the Month presentation has not only celebrated a deserving employee but has also brought a smile to many faces online, proving that sometimes, the best moments are the ones shared with a good laugh.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Photoshopping that tie in was a nice touch!


Opportunity to do what?


even busted out the f**** pack well done


Nice Office!


have no idea what this means


Is Negan your boss? Tough break




Great pic, but how did you get a job working for Joe Manganiello?


I can never get my sleeves to roll up as nicely as that dude.


Why was this posted here?

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