The Zany Health Hack: Vodka and Emergen-C Recipe That Claims to Grant Immortality

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An entertaining image making rounds on Reddit has sparked discussions and laughter with its humorous take on a so-called health hack. The image features a glass filled with a bright, yellow-orange liquid, humorously suggested to be a mixture of vodka and Emergen-C, a popular vitamin supplement. The bold text at the top of the image proclaims, "3. If you drink nothing but vodka with Emergen-C you will literally live forever," adding a playful twist to the concept of longevity.

The photograph depicts an old-fashioned glass sitting on a blue cloth, containing the vibrant concoction. The setting appears to be a kitchen or dining area, with blurred objects and fruits in the background, adding context to the scene. To the left of the glass, a bottle—likely vodka—stands partially visible, and packets of Emergen-C lie in front, hinting at the ingredients used.

Below the image, the text reads, "Official 'recipe' here," accompanied by a URL:, suggesting that curious viewers can find the playful recipe on the mentioned website.

Reddit users have added to the humor with their comments. One user humorously recommended mixing vodka with green apple Jolly Ranchers, while another quipped, "I'd say doing so is an emergen-c." The lighthearted banter continued with comments like "You won't live forever but won't care about it anymore," and "Recommended by the United States Bartender General." A nod to Chris Traeger from Parks & Recreation was also mentioned, emphasizing the comedic tone.

However, not all comments were in jest. One user shared a personal story, stating, "My brother tried that with vodka and Gatorade, he died," reminding readers of the potential dangers of mixing substances.

In summary, this viral image and the ensuing comments serve as a humorous reminder to approach such exaggerated claims with a grain of salt. While the idea of mixing vodka and Emergen-C for eternal life is clearly a joke, it has certainly provided a good laugh and sparked creative discussions on Reddit. For those interested in the "official recipe," head over to for more entertaining content.

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I'd say doing so is an emergen-c


You won't live forever but won't care about it anymore.


The tastiest thing to mix with vodka is green apple jolly ranchers. Shake the bottle a couple times a day until they're dissolved.


you can drink it for the rest of your life for sure, anyway.


Recommended by the United States Bartender General.


My brother tried that with vodka and Gatorade, he died.


I read that in the voice of Chris Traeger from Parks & Rec



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