The Playful Sweet Potato That Has Reddit in Stitches

Avery Emberly

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an amusing twist of everyday grocery shopping, a Reddit user recently shared an image that has left the internet in fits of laughter. The image, posted with the title "So I bought this sweet potato and I'm not sure if I should ask it for consent before I eat it," features a hand holding a uniquely shaped sweet potato. This particular tuber sports a pronounced, deep groove running vertically down its center, giving it an almost split or cleft appearance.

Set against the backdrop of a supermarket, with displays of other produce and a tiled floor visible, the sweet potato's unusual form has sparked a wave of comedic responses from the Reddit community.

One user humorously commented, "I *yam* sure you'll have to yes," playing on the word 'yam' to add a punny twist. Another user quipped, "Tuber? I hardly know 'er!", while a third pointed out the obvious, "THE JOKE IS SEX." The playful banter didn't stop there; comments ranged from "Just make sure you look it in the eyes when you eat it" to the cheeky suggestion, "Is it ironic that you should buy it dinner first?"

The conversation even took an international turn with one user noting, "In Italy, patata (potato) is slang for... well, that," adding a cultural nuance to the hilarity. Another user brought a touch of culinary advice to the thread: "Have you tried purple yam? Purple on the inside, not outside."

Adding to the mix were references to popular Reddit subreddits such as r/dontputyourd***inthat and r/SneakyBackgroundFeet. One user humorously mentioned, "r/doputyourd***inthat (I’m kidding, I’m being contrary to the people who linked r/dontputyourd***inthat) 🤭," highlighting the playful nature of the discussion.

The sweet potato's unexpected shape and the ensuing comedic commentary serve as a reminder of the internet's ability to find humor in the most mundane of objects. Whether it’s jesting about buying the potato dinner first or making sure to "wear a condiment," the thread is a delightful example of how a simple photo can bring out the wit and creativity of the online community.

For those intrigued by this peculiar sweet potato, it’s a perfect example of how even the most ordinary grocery shopping trip can turn into an extraordinary moment of internet fame. Whether you see it as a comedic masterpiece or just an oddly shaped vegetable, one thing is certain – this sweet potato has left a lasting impression on Reddit.

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I *yam* sure you'll have to yes.


r/dontputyourd***inthat and r/SneakyBackgroundFeet


Tuber? I hardly know 'er!


Everything reminds me of her...




The little man in the boat is hiding. You need to bring him out.


Just make sure you look it in the eyes when you eat it


Is it Ironic that you should buy it dinner first?




I should call her

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