The Art of Disappointment: A GRIZ Comics Masterpiece of a Bear's Drawing Struggle

Harper Quill

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Dive into the whimsical world of GRIZ Comics with "The Art of Disappointment," a four-panel comic that perfectly captures the humorous yet poignant struggle of artistic endeavors. This comic features a white, bear-like character, taking viewers on a journey through its attempt to draw a dog.

In the **top left panel**, the bear is seated at a table with a spiral-bound notebook in front. With a concentrated expression, one hand holds a pencil while the other rests on its cheek. Above its head, the text reads "Hmmm...", showcasing the bear's deep contemplation.

Moving to the **top right panel**, the bear's face lights up with an idea. It raises an index finger, symbolizing an epiphany. A thought bubble above its head reveals a detailed, realistic image of a dog’s head, representing the bear's artistic vision and aspirations.

The **bottom left panel** unveils the bear's actual drawing: a crude, cartoonish dog with exaggerated features. The dog drawing humorously exclaims "Bork." This stark contrast between the bear's lofty vision and the rudimentary outcome is both amusing and relatable.

Finally, the **bottom right panel** depicts the bear standing against a black background, tears welling in its eyes as it realizes the disparity between its imagined masterpiece and the actual drawing. This panel captures the essence of disappointment, resonating with anyone who has faced similar artistic struggles.

Reddit users have chimed in with their reactions to this comic. One user commented, "That's a good old Brian, I bet he's thirsty," while another humorously noted, "Arf Arf still has a better drawing done me. XD." Some users, like MeatCanyon, questioned the identity of the artist, while others empathized with the bear's predicament, stating, "Poor frog needs a Kleenex!" and "Better than what I can draw."

GRIZ Comics has truly outdone themselves with this relatable and touching piece, reminding everyone that even in disappointment, there is humor and a shared human experience. Whether or not one can draw, this comic resonates deeply with the universal struggle of turning vision into reality.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Thats a good old Brian, I bet he's thirsty.


Arf Arf still has a better drawing done me. XD


better than what I can draw.


MeatCanyon, is that you?


This comic threw me for a while — thought it was a frog, then on the last panel I'm like "why is that frog's dimple leaking"


Poor frog needs a Kleenex!


Wait a minute…


the funny part is that his drawings are better than mine


better than my drawings hahaha

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