Crazy Sci-Fi Comic by Zach W*smith: The Replicant Dilemma

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the unique and humorous world of Zach W*****smith’s latest four-panel comic, viewers are treated to a clever blend of sci-fi themes and human emotions. The comic, titled "Replicant," takes readers through a scenario that fuses technology with personal relationships, delivering both laughs and a touch of sentimentality.

In the first panel, readers meet a blue-haired individual dressed in a red shirt, holding a phone, and standing before two partially visible characters. With a sense of urgency, the blue-haired person, Sally, exclaims, "I CAN’T TELL WHICH IS A REPLICANT! WHOEVER IS THE REAL STEVE, SAY SOMETHING ONLY HE WOULD SAY!" This sets the stage for a humorous interrogation to unveil the true identity of "Steve."

The second panel shifts focus to one of the two characters, an orange-haired person in a purple shirt. This character leans towards the other and whispers, "I’M NOT JUDGMENTAL ABOUT YOUR T***** GENRE ROMANCE NOVELS!" This quirky confession is intended to reveal Steve’s identity through an inside joke, adding a layer of personalized humor.

In the third panel, Sally reacts with a dramatic "BANG!" as she smacks the orange-haired person, suggesting that this was the correct answer. This immediate and physical reaction adds a slapstick comedy element to the storyline.

The final panel brings a meaningful conclusion. The blue-haired Sally and the orange-haired person are shown in an embrace. The orange-haired character’s speech bubble humorously reads like a computer error message: "THANK YOU SALLY, I LOVE Exception: NullPointerException at” In response, Sally affectionately whispers, "SHHH, I LOVE YOU TOO. SHHHHH." This blending of tech jargon with a declaration of love encapsulates the comic’s unique charm.

At the bottom of the comic, readers are directed to support Zach W*****smith on Patreon at "*****smith" and visit "" for more content. The comic cleverly intertwines science fiction with relatable human interactions, making it a delightful read for fans of both genres.

This comic not only showcases Zach W*****smith's talent for humor but also highlights the creative ways in which sci-fi concepts can be used to explore and express genuine human emotions. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to enjoy a good laugh while pondering the complexities of technology and love.

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What kind of b******* is this. When did you ever see a Java exception that could fit on one line let alone one word.


I'm not judging, just admit that it's s*** and it's just as nasty and freaky as p*** and stop pretending you don't get h**** from weird stuff. Went to book store a while back and saw a whole section of romance novels where all the men were animal creatures with a human woman. there were like 20+ different ones all by different authors. and if you read a random page, it's literally p***. but people wanna pretend it's not and that it's different from p*** videos when the only difference is the medium.

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