Comedic Comic Strip: Sea Monster's Search for a Giant Swimsuit

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A new comic strip has taken the internet by storm, humorously depicting a sea monster's unexpected and comical quest for a missing swimsuit. Titled "See Monster," this three-panel comic set at the beach has captivated readers with its blend of suspense and humor.

**First Panel:**

The comic opens with a red-haired lifeguard perched in a white lifeguard chair. Dressed in a red tank top with a white cross and black shorts, he looks alarmed as he points far out into the ocean. A speech bubble next to him dramatically shouts, "Sea Monster!!!" The urgency of his warning sets the stage for an intriguing storyline.

**Second Panel:**

The scene transitions to a closer view of the beach, where three beachgoers react in sheer terror. On the left, a man with dark skin and black hair wears a green shirt that reads "life's a beach." His wide-open mouth and eyes convey his shock. In the middle, a young girl with blonde pigtails, dressed in a purple swimsuit, holds her hands to her cheeks in horror. To the right, a person with short brown hair, wearing a light pink shirt and blue shorts, mirrors the panic, holding their hands to their face. In the background, the silhouette of a sea monster emerges from the water, adding to the suspense.

**Third Panel:**

The comic's punchline is revealed as the sea monster is shown fully from the front. The green creature with a light green belly, long tail, and cartoonish features, including big eyes and a slightly goofy expression, stands in shallow water near the beach, with a cityscape visible in the background. A speech bubble above the sea monster humorously asks, "This is awkward but has anyone seen a really, really big swimsuit floating by?"

The comic cleverly juxtaposes the initial terror of a sea monster sighting with the humorous twist that the monster is simply looking for a lost swimsuit. One Reddit user even commented, "Needs to cover its B***-Kraken," adding another layer of humor to the situation.

"See Monster" has become an instant hit, resonating with audiences who appreciate a good laugh and a surprising twist. The comic's ability to mix suspense with humor makes it a delightful read, ensuring it will remain a favorite among fans of beach-themed comics.

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Needs to cover its B***-Kraken

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