A Day in the Life of British Agriculture: From Commute to Crop Consulting

Zoey Waverider

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent video titled "Long A** Day in Agriculture" has taken Reddit by storm, offering an eye-opening glimpse into the grueling yet essential work of British agricultural workers. The creator of this video humorously describes the ordeal as "National take your stuff to work day," highlighting the challenges faced throughout a typical day in the field.

Starting the day with a daunting commute, the narrator humorously laments the environmental impact of burning 140 pounds of diesel and the scarcity of necessities, comparing the situation to "dawn of the dead." This sets the tone for a day filled with hard work, podcast listening sessions featuring Peter Schiff and updates on Ukraine, and even an accidental nine-hour nap in a car park.

One of the video’s significant highlights is the detailed process of PCN sampling (Potato Cyst Nematodes) in the deeply rural area of Yorkshire. These nematodes are notorious for damaging potato crops, leading to substantial financial losses for farmers. The narrator explains the importance of identifying these pests to plan effective treatments or planting strategies, thus preventing crop failures.

The journey also includes a humorous take on the peculiarities of Northern England, noting towns with unique names like Kirk Smeaton. This part particularly resonated with viewers, with one commenter laughingly pointing out the relatable nature of the Kirk Smeaton mention.

Despite the physical and mental toll, the narrator remains committed, even finding the time to check on their gold investments, which had gone up by 300 pounds. The day concludes with a return to the hotel, where the narrator finally finds relief and productivity in the solitude of an empty guesthouse.

The video has garnered various reactions, with some viewers questioning if it’s an advertisement for Huel, while others express admiration for the hard work and dedication of agricultural workers. One commenter humorously noted, "Dude out here ruining his physical and mental health so we can get that greasy fries induced heart attack."

Another user from California, working in residential construction, shared their own challenging commute and long workdays, expressing envy for the narrator's enthusiasm. The video also sparked a conversation about the often-overlooked contributions of agricultural workers, with one commenter giving a "Big up to the British Agri/Hort workers."

Overall, "Long A** Day in Agriculture" offers a raw and entertaining look into the day-to-day life of those who keep the agricultural industry running, blending humor with insightful commentary on the rigors and rewards of this essential work.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Is the whole thing a huel ad? I think I'm losing my grip on reality.


This is interesting, we don't see this life very often. Can I ask why you drive 3 hours to the field? Are you planting on someone else's field for them or is your field that far away?


Lol, driving far in uk . . .


Excuse me mate, unless you're working 24 hour shifts and driving 9 days straight, you didn't work a proper day! F*** all these people giving it in the comments, you did a s***ter of a drive and carried out work that's crucial to our agriculture industry! Bang up job. What ya writing about at the moment, brother? Would love to know!




Dude out here ruining his physical and mental health so we can get that greasy fries induced heart attack


I hope it's worth all the hours you work


Upvote for municipal waste


Kirk Smeaton 🤣🤣 tickled me.


Big up to the British Agri/Hort workers ✌️

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