Seagull Shows Its Love for Ferraris in Lighthearted Reddit Video

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent Reddit video has taken the internet by storm, featuring a seagull showing an unexpected preference for luxury cars, particularly Ferraris. This amusing clip has sparked a wave of reactions, highlighting the seagull's quirky behavior and its apparent fascination with high-end vehicles.

In the video, the seagull's interaction with a sleek car has caught everyone's attention. One user humorously remarked, "I know the Boxster is pretty small, but it makes that gull look massive." The car in question, a Porsche Boxster, seems to enhance the bird's impressive size, adding to the comedic effect of the scene.

While some comments were deleted, the remaining ones provide a range of perspectives on the seagull's antics. One user noted, "Nah, they're just complete troublemakers. Them and magpies," suggesting that seagulls have a notorious reputation. Another commenter appreciated the bird's taste, stating, "Seagull has a good taste in cars."

The video also sparked a bit of envy, with one viewer admitting, "I wish I had a Porsche," while another user simply called the seagull a "based bird" accompanied by an eagle and water droplet emoji. The humorous take continued with someone suggesting, "Someone's tricked old mate into thinking it comes with gull-wing doors," playing on the bird's apparent obsession with the car.

A Dutch-speaking user added, "Deze vogel is gewoon fan van r/kutautos," which translates to "This bird is just a fan of r/f***cars," indicating a playful jab at the seagull's car preference. Another viewer pointed out the parking situation with a simple, "Dat parking...," hinting at the seagull's audacious choice of perch.

The video even inspired a bit of factual correction, as one user clarified, "No gull doors on Porsches," referring to the iconic gull-wing doors found on some luxury cars but not on the Porsche Boxster. The cheekiest comment perhaps came from someone who quipped, "All the ladies are gonna be his," imagining the seagull as a charismatic figure attracting attention.

This viral video not only offers a light-hearted glimpse into the curious world of urban wildlife but also showcases the humorous and diverse reactions of the Reddit community. Whether it's the seagull's unexpected car preference or the witty comments it inspired, this clip is a delightful reminder of the internet's ability to find humor in the most unexpected places.

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I know the Boxster is pretty small, but it makes that gull look massive




Nah, they're just complete a******s. Them and magpies.


Seagull has a good taste in cars.


I wish I had a Porsche.


Someone's tricked old mate into thinking it comes with gull-wing doors..


Based bird 🦅💧


Deze vogel is gewoon fan van r/kutautos This bird is just a fan of r/f***cars


Dat parking...


No gull doors on Porsches

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