My Hotel Has a Mirror So You Can Watch Yourself P*: A Playful Reddit Post

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent Reddit post titled "My hotel has a mirror so you can watch yourself p***" has sparked a wave of laughter and curiosity on the internet. The post features a selfie taken in a hotel bathroom that showcases a unique and rather amusing design choice—a mirror placed in front of the toilet.

In the image, a young man is seen sitting on the toilet, holding his smartphone with his right hand while looking directly into the camera. His outfit includes a floral short-sleeved shirt with a beige background, blue jeans with rolled-up cuffs, and brown lace-up shoes. He completes his look with a dark baseball cap and a tattoo visible on his left forearm. The bathroom itself has a light tan wall with a subtle pattern, a white towel hanging just above the white toilet, and light-colored tiled flooring.

The Reddit community had a field day with this photo, as comments poured in, each funnier than the last. One user humorously noted, "With the door open, sure," while another speculated, "Or is it so they can watch you p***? (two-way mirror)." This comment was followed by another user's witty remark, "Lol, weird. What country though, because where I'm from we usually drop our pants to p*** :)"

Others offered practical advice, with one user suggesting, "Close door," while another commented, "Only if you p*** with the door open." The idea of a two-way mirror was also brought up by a user who said, "Check behind the mirror. The watching isn’t for you…."

Amidst the humor, some users couldn't help but comment on the man's attire. One user described his ensemble in detail: "Floral short sleeve shirt, matching cap, arm tats, cuffed denim pants showing off white striped socks paired with suede chukkas paints a type of dude who actually is pleasantly surprised there's a mirror facing the loo, or am I wrong?"

The overall consensus was that the mirror placement was indeed odd, with comments like, "Ah, that’s s***ty," and "That's somewhere I can see myself p***ing! 🤣" adding to the hilarity.

Whether intentional or a design flaw, this hotel bathroom mirror has given the internet a moment of light-hearted amusement. The young man’s selfie not only captured an unusual hotel feature but also sparked a delightful conversation about the quirks of bathroom designs around the world.

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Top Comments from Reddit


With the door open, sure.


Lol, weird. What country though, because where I'm from we usually drop our pants to poo :)


Pfft didn’t even post a p***ing picture


Or is it so they can watch you p***? (two-way mirror)


Close door


Only if you s*** with the door open


Most people take their pants off bro.


Or. You could close the bathroom door


That’s a huge p************


That's somewhere I can see myself p***ing! 🤣

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