Discover the Quirky Propane Refill Sign North of Wilson, North Carolina

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Travelers on US 301, about five miles north of Wilson, North Carolina, are greeted with a whimsical sight that has garnered attention and amusement. An outdoor sign featuring a quirky cartoon propane tank with glasses stands prominently on a mulched ground area, likely near a camping or service area. The propane tank, depicted with a slightly sad or discontent expression, draws the eye and adds a touch of humor to an otherwise mundane service sign. Flanking the tank figure, the words "PROPANE" and "REFILLS" are boldly displayed in white letters, vertically aligned on either side.

Next to this eye-catching sign is another, more rustic wooden sign that complements the outdoor setting. With a background resembling wood, this sign boasts a colorful illustration of a fish emerging from water, suggesting a connection to fishing or outdoor activities. The semicircle of text above the illustration names the establishment as "KAMPERS LODGE BAIT & TACKLE," indicating that this location provides bait and tackle services for avid fishers.

The setting of these signs is picturesque, with a paved area, patches of grass, and some rocks in the background, creating a park-like ambiance that is both inviting and functional for campers and travelers. This combination of practical information and playful design has sparked various reactions online. Reddit users have shared their amusement and nostalgia, with comments such as "Taste the meat, not the heat," and "I wish it said 'and propane accessories' across the bottom," referencing the beloved TV show "King of the Hill."

One user humorously noted, "Why can I see Bobby's hand in this?" while another quipped, "King of the re-Fill." The sign's charm even prompted a user to reminisce, "Damn, lived in Wilson as a kid- wild to see it here."

The quirky design and nostalgic references have made this propane refill sign a delightful landmark for those traveling through Wilson, North Carolina. It serves as a reminder that even the most functional signs can bring a smile to your face and evoke fond memories of popular culture. So next time you find yourself on US 301, be sure to take a moment to enjoy this unique roadside attraction.

For those looking to explore further, Kampers Lodge Bait & Tackle offers a range of fishing supplies, making it a convenient stop for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're refilling propane or gearing up for a fishing trip, the charm of these signs is sure to enhance your journey.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Taste the meat, not the heat.


I tell you hwat.


I wish it said "and propane accessories" across the bottom.


Why can I see Bobby's hand in this?


Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol' internet, man, you just go in on there and point and click, talk about w-w-dot-w-com, mean you got the naked chicks on there, man, just go click, click, click, click, click, it's real easy, man




King of the re-Fill


I can hear the words on that sign.


You bet its double the price compared to a gas station.


Damn, lived in Wilson as a kid- wild to see it here

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