Albany Airport's Comedic Whopper Shortage: The Sold-Out Triple Whopper Saga

Aiden Starling

Updated Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Travelers passing through Albany Airport recently encountered a peculiar yet amusing situation. The digital menu of a fast-food restaurant at the airport prominently displayed its lunch offerings, including the iconic Whopper series. However, it was the "SOLD OUT" overlay on the Triple Whopper that caught everyone's attention and sparked a wave of humorous reactions.

Under the bold heading "LUNCH" and the promise of "Includes Small Fries & Fountain Drink," the menu listed several high-calorie, mouth-watering options. The classic Whopper, a staple for many, was available as a meal for $11.49 or as a single sandwich for $6.99. The Double Whopper followed, priced at $12.79 for a meal and $8.29 for just the sandwich. The Bacon King, another heavyweight contender, was also featured, costing $14.29 for a meal and $9.89 for the sandwich alone.

But the Triple Whopper, with its three juicy patties, was the star of the show—or rather, the lack thereof. Marked as "SOLD OUT," it led to a series of witty comments and jokes from onlookers. One user humorously lamented, "Sorry, they only have 2 patties," while another poked fun by asking, "Can I get a double Whopper with an extra Patty please...."

The comments section on Reddit was a goldmine of reactions. One user cleverly pointed out, "If someone orders the single, the double will show sold out; if someone orders the double, they are out of Whoppers." Another remarked on the reasonable pricing, saying, "Very reasonably priced for an airport." A user from Alabama highlighted the price difference despite varying minimum wages, commenting, "Our minimum wage is $7.25 compared to $15."

Kyle Kinane, a popular comedian known for his observational humor, was referenced by a disappointed user wishing for a joke befitting the situation. Another user recounted a similar experience at Tim Hortons, where a breakfast bagel BLT sans egg was served when lunch wasn't available yet.

The situation even led to some practical advice, with one user noting, "I wouldn't risk eating a triple burger before a flight anyways." Amid the laughter, a user speculated on the logistics, "It's not sold out; they just realize they can't keep that much meat stocked for a full day."

This quirky episode at Albany Airport's fast-food joint not only highlighted the unpredictable nature of supply and demand but also showcased the internet's ability to turn any situation into a source of collective amusement. Whether it's running out of patties or the humor in everyday occurrences, the sold-out Triple Whopper will be remembered by many travelers and Reddit users alike.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Sorry, they only have 2 patties.


Hi can I get a double Whopper with an extra Patty please....


if someone orders the single, the double will show sold out, if someone orders the double, they are out of whoppers.


Can I just say I love how when people were trying to raise the minimum wage everyone commented on how much things would increase in price. I’m in Alabama and my prices are only 80 cents cheaper than an airport in Albany. Our minimum wage is $7.25 compared to $15.


When I saw Albany and burgers I scanned for a Simpsons joke for quite sometime before I saw what I was supposed to see


Very reasonably priced for an airport.


They steam a c***** ham.


Yes, I'd like a whopper and a double whopper please. *proceeds to make their own triple whopper at the table*


i wouldnt risk eating a triple burger before a flight anyways.


A few days ago I tried ordering a kids meal with the 6 nuggets and it said they were out, but let me order the one with the 4 nuggets. I guess they didn't have the 2 extra nuggets to spare

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