The Curious Case of Wai Ting: A Long Time Waiting Unraveled

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, impatiently waiting for what feels like an eternity? Well, it seems like Wai Ting knows exactly how you feel. In a viral image that has taken the internet by storm, a silver Subaru with a custom license plate reading "WAITING" has caught the attention of netizens worldwide.

The image, captured from the perspective of a driver sitting directly behind the Subaru, reveals a scene that many can relate to. Dusk settles over the urban or suburban area, casting a dim glow that illuminates the surroundings. Streetlights line the road, and a blue and red "Chevron" sign in the distance points to the presence of a nearby gas station.

But what makes this image truly intriguing is the handwritten text covering the rear window of the Subaru. Lit up in red by the brake lights, the message becomes clear: Wai Ting, the owner of the vehicle, has been "WAITING" for a long time. The sentiment is further reinforced by the smaller text beneath, which reads "A LONG TIME."

As the brake lights of the Subaru glow, their reflection on the hood of the capturing vehicle adds a touch of drama to the image. It's as if the frustration and impatience of Wai Ting's prolonged wait are being projected onto the very surface of the car.

The image has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with users flooding the comments section. One user playfully dubbed Wai Ting "the king of gooning," perhaps referring to his resilience and persistence in waiting. However, not everyone saw the humor in the situation. Another user expressed their concern over the insensitivity of the image, highlighting that Wai Ting is a dedicated family man and hardworking individual.

Indeed, waiting can be the hardest part, as echoed by the comments section. This image serves as a reminder that we all experience moments of frustration and anticipation in our lives. Whether it's waiting in traffic or waiting for a significant event, the emotions can be overwhelming.

While the image may seem lighthearted at first glance, it provides a deeper reflection on the human experience. It serves as a metaphor for the countless moments we spend yearning, anticipating, and waiting for something to happen.

So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a seemingly endless wait, remember Wai Ting and his silver Subaru. Take a deep breath, and embrace the waiting, for it is in these moments that we often find strength, resilience, and a renewed appreciation for the eventual fulfillment of our desires.

In the meantime, let's hope that Wai Ting's wait comes to an end soon, and he can finally drive off into the sunset, leaving the eternal wait behind.

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The king of gooning.


How insensitive! That's Wai Ting, he is a great family man and a hard working guy!


It’s the hardest part


Their tint job hurts my heart.


Some say it’s the hardest part

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