Meet the Office MVP: This Cat's Work Timecard Will Leave You Speechless!

Avery Emberly

Updated Friday, March 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever seen a cat with a more impressive work ethic? Prepare to be amazed by the feline superstar who has taken the internet by storm. This viral sensation has found a clever way to make his mark in the corporate world, and it involves a timecard like no other.

In a recent Reddit post that has garnered thousands of upvotes, one dedicated employee shared a photo of their cat's surprising contribution to their daily work routine. The image, which showcases a close-up of the cat's face, reveals a cute and slightly perplexed expression that leaves viewers wondering what this furry friend is up to.

With a striking grey fur coat adorned with darker grey stripes, our protagonist possesses the classic tabby pattern that has become synonymous with feline charm. But it's not just the captivating appearance that has captured the attention of internet users worldwide; it's the curious circumstances surrounding this cat's newfound work responsibilities.

Sporting a blue collar complete with a small bell, this domestic pet has taken on the role of an office timekeeper. And no, we're not kitten you! The collar even features a clasp and a fish-shaped tag, which might hold the cat's identification information. It seems this little whiskered wonder has found a way to ensure his presence is officially recognized in the workplace.

But what exactly does this cat's work timecard entail? As the image reveals, the cat's eyes are wide open, round, and of a vibrant green color, giving off an alert and somewhat startled vibe. The perked-up and pointy ears suggest a high level of focus and attentiveness. It's as if this furry employee takes their timekeeping duties very seriously, making sure no minute goes unnoticed.

The simplicity of the background, a plain and light color, allows the cat's facial expression to take center stage. And boy, does it captivate! The mix of cuteness and a slightly puzzled look leaves us wondering what thoughts are racing through this diligent feline's mind. Perhaps it's contemplating the importance of punctuality or the significance of accountability in the workplace.

Internet users couldn't help but chime in with their reactions to this unique and unexpected office companion. One comment hilariously suggests that this cat may fail biometric scans when entering the office, but hey, who needs technology when you have a cool cat like this? Another user expresses admiration by proclaiming that this cat is going places. And we couldn't agree more! With such dedication and charm, it's no wonder this cat is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling to stay on top of your work schedule, just remember the incredible inspiration provided by this remarkable feline. Let this cat's work timecard be a reminder that determination knows no bounds, not even for our four-legged friends. Who knows, maybe it's time we all take a page out of this cat's book and embrace our inner productivity purr-fectionists!

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May fail biometric scans when entering the office but hey bring him along.. he’s a cool cat!


That cat is going places. 


That’s a BOSS cat


As you should.

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