Entertaining Meme Reveals the Absurdity of Our Helmet-Free Past

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Friday, March 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In today's safety-conscious world, it's hard to imagine a time when wearing helmets while cycling was not the norm. But this entertaining meme, titled "BACK IN MY DAY WE DIDN'T WEAR HELMETS," takes us back to a time when safety precautions were a bit more lax.

The meme features a clever caption accompanied by a graphic of a bicycle, setting the stage for the comedic scenario. Below the text, we see a photograph that captures the essence of the joke. A person lies on their back next to a paved path or road, their upper body hidden from view as they have sunk into a large hole in the ground. It appears that they have fallen or crashed, with their legs protruding onto the pavement. Adjacent to the hole lies the lower part of a bicycle, lying on its side.

The meme's punchline is delivered through another line of text at the bottom: "WE'D JUST LIE THERE UNCONSCIOUS UNTIL SOMEONE CAME TO GET US FOR DINNER." This playful conclusion is accompanied by an emoji of a plate with a fork and knife, adding to the humor of the situation.

The comedic effect of this meme lies in the exaggerated and absurd scenario it presents. By contrasting the old attitudes towards safety with modern practices, such as wearing helmets, the meme highlights just how far we've come in prioritizing our well-being. It humorously suggests that in the past, rather than receiving immediate medical attention, people would simply lie there unconscious until dinner time, waiting for someone to come to their rescue.

The staged nature of the photograph further enhances the meme's comedic impact. The person's position, combined with the strategically placed bicycle, creates a visually amusing scene that adds to the overall humor.

As we laugh at this meme, it's essential to reflect on how much society has progressed in terms of safety awareness. Today, wearing helmets while cycling is not only recommended but often legally required. It serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting ourselves and others, even in seemingly innocent activities like riding a bike.

So, the next time you hop on your bicycle, remember this entertaining meme and be grateful for the advancements in safety that have taken place. And if you ever find yourself lying unconscious in a hole, let's hope someone comes to get you for more than just dinner!

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In Holland ppl who wear helmets are tourists.


I remember when they made helmets compulsory here in Australia. I was 14yrs old. It was so weird to think we actually had to wear those things. They would have motorcycle cops park around the corner of my high school after a while because no one wanted to wear them. Fun days.


Hide in a pile of leaves playing manhunt


It’s true , when I was 4 ,I ran into a column at my dad’s work place , dislocated my jaw and fell unconscious , people only wake me up when it closing , they thought I was sleeping or something


True story bro


As a millennial who’s been unconscious twice and was left on a couch both times, I feel this. Still don’t know how teen wolf goes (was unconscious with open eyes for it).


This is why I’m bad at math. ; ( lol


I miss the good old days where we all died of polio

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