Comical Video Exposes the Surprising Reactions of Sleeping Nova to Unusual Items

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Friday, March 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video that has taken the internet by storm, a sleeping Nova becomes the unwitting star of a playful experiment involving an array of random items. The video, titled "How many items can we put on the sleeping Nova?," showcases the adorable Nova's bewildered reaction as various objects are placed on her.

The video begins with Yuki, the owner of Nova, enjoying a mukbang session while eating a delicious banana. As Yuki indulges in her meal, Nova peacefully snoozes nearby, completely unaware of the shenanigans about to unfold.

As the video progresses, a series of items are gradually placed on top of Nova, much to the amusement of the onlookers. The comments section is filled with comical reactions from viewers, with one user jokingly remarking, "Haha, Nova's all like 'Wait a minute, what's all this stuff on me.'"

Even Nova herself seems less than impressed, as indicated by her unamused expression captured in the video. It's as if she's silently protesting against the unexpected intrusion of objects into her peaceful slumber.

The comments section also reveals a wide range of playful responses from viewers. One user compares Nova's reaction to that of a "drunken friend at the party," further emphasizing the comical nature of the situation. Another viewer humorously exclaims, "Finally, my spirit animal!" expressing a shared sentiment of relating to Nova's sleepy and slightly annoyed demeanor.

Some viewers even share their own experiences of piling objects on their pets while they sleep. One comment highlights the use of popcorn instead of random items, revealing a moving outcome with their dog waking up happily. Others suggest trying a fidget spinner on the toes as a potential alternative experiment.

With the video's popularity, viewers are left curious about the song playing in the background. The question "Song title please?" echoes throughout the comments section, indicating the shared interest in the accompanying music.

Amidst the lighthearted humor, some viewers reminisce about their college days, jokingly suggesting that the ability to playfully pile items on sleeping animals is a skill acquired through higher education.

The video also sparks discussions about other pets with similar sleeping habits. One viewer shares their own experience with a Great Pyranese, a breed known for their deep sleep, and expresses joy in the simple pleasure of piling things on their furry companion.

The playful experiment on Nova is likened to the classic game of Buckaroo, a game that involves strategically placing objects on a plastic mule until it eventually buckles under the weight. This comparison adds an extra layer of nostalgia and familiarity to the video, resonating with viewers who have fond memories of playing the game.

As the video concludes, a curious viewer inquires about the background music, specifically asking, "What are we listening to, Delicate Steve?" This question further highlights the interest in the captivating soundtrack accompanying Nova's sleepy adventure.

The video featuring Nova's amusing reaction to items being piled on her while she sleeps has captivated viewers worldwide. With its playful and endearing content, the video has generated a wave of laughter and relatability among viewers, showcasing the unique and comical ways in which animals react to unexpected situations.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Humans : "Haha, Nova's all like "Wait a minute, what's all this stuff on me."" Nova : 😒


your drunken friend at the party:


*Finally, my spirit animal!*


Did this once to my dog, but used popcorn. She was very happy when she woke up.


Next time try a fidget spinner on the toes.!!


Song title please?


You learned this in college!


We have a Great Pyranese that also sleeps like the dead. Piling things on dogs is fun!


The good old game of Buckaroo. Perfect to play on anyone that’s fallen asleep.


What are we listening to, Delicate Steve?

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