Stunning Oil Painting Captures Brett Hart's Iconic Sharpshooter Move

Aiden Starling

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A mesmerizing oil painting of wrestling legend Brett Hart has taken Imgur by storm, captivating fans and art enthusiasts alike. The video showcases the artist, Anis, who meticulously brings to life the iconic sharpshooter move, a signature of Brett 'The Hitman' Hart, with vibrant colors and dynamic energy reminiscent of the 80s-90s wrestling heyday.

The artwork has garnered widespread acclaim, with users praising the execution and nostalgic value it brings. One commenter exclaimed, "As always, magnificent work!" while another noted, "That is some excellent execution!" The sense of nostalgia is palpable, as a Canadian commenter reflected, "As a Canadian who grew up loving the spectacular idiocy of wrestling, Brett Hart (and many dungeon alumni) holds a special place in my memories. This is an excellent capture of the iconic sharpshooter, with all the dynamism and colour of Brett's 80s-90s heyday. Amazing."

The artist's resurgence on Imgur has not gone unnoticed. "Hey, Anis. Great to see you again. Fantastic work!" said one user, indicating the artist's previous impact on the platform. Another user added, "Been a while since I've seen your stuff mate, wondered where you'd gone to! Great work as always!"

Brett Hart, often revered as "The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be," is celebrated in this piece, with another user humorously noting, "And Brett Hart was a pretty good wrestler too." The painting even caught the eye of those indifferent to Hart, as one commenter admitted, "I don't even like Brett Hart but this is FANTASTIC."

The striking portrayal of Brett Hart in action has left a lasting impression, with fans eagerly awaiting more from the talented artist. "You're improving a lot! I can feel the movement and energy :)" and "Man I love this work. Hope it evolves into a series, something like 'the American opera wrestler'" are just some of the enthusiastic responses.

Anis's ability to encapsulate the essence of wrestling's golden era through oil painting has certainly made waves, proving that art and nostalgia can create a powerful and lasting connection. This piece is not just a tribute to Brett Hart but also a testament to the artist's growing talent and dedication.

Prepare to be transported back to the thrilling days of wrestling with this stunning depiction of Brett Hart's sharpshooter move. Check out the incredible painting on Imgur and join the conversation celebrating this nostalgic masterpiece.

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Top Comments from Imgur


As always, magnificent work!


That is some excellent execution!


That is (Mr.) Perfect


The best there is the best there was the best there ever will be. And Brett Hart was a pretty good wrestler too.


Hey, Anis. Great to see you again. Fantastic work!


It's been a while since I saw one of your posts. Holy c*** balls dude, that's amazing. You've really got some talent and you're improving so quickly.


The excellence of execution! But am I taking about @op or Brett 'The Hitman' Hart?


The Sharpshooter! Fantastic


You’ve gotten older as we all do. Ran across you a couple years ago and this was a beautiful surprise today on imgur. great post, great work, great suit, great smile. Stay well and keep on painting my friend. From the US.


Who is the hitman fighting against? awesome painting

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