Mini Skateboard for Turtles: Whimsical Video Shows Turtle Speeding Past a Tortoiseshell Cat

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A video titled "I am speed's - Turtle Probably" has gone viral, capturing the hearts of animal lovers and skateboard enthusiasts alike. The clip showcases a turtle riding a mini skateboard, zooming around with unexpected agility. This has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Viewers couldn't help but be amused by the turtle's newfound speed. One user exclaimed, "He was a sk8ter boi," while another humorously noted, "That turtle likes that cat WAY more than the cat likes the turtle." The video has resonated with many, earning comments like, "Finally, some good content," and "Turtle wants zoomies!"

The creative use of a mini skateboard for turtles has been dubbed "the best invention ever" by one enthusiastic commenter. Another shared a nostalgic story: "When I was in school, my fifth-grade teacher had a box turtle named 'Tonka.' It had been run over, costing it its rear legs. She had epoxied the axle and wheels off a Tonka truck onto its shell. That turtle was fast and had off-road capabilities."

The turtle's interactions with a tortoiseshell cat have also added to the video's charm. Comments like "Guaranteed that turtle bites the cat regularly" and "I’m glad this turtle is using his newfound speed to bother cats" highlight the playful dynamic between the two animals.

Despite the light-hearted nature of the video, some viewers raised thoughtful points. One wondered, "I wonder if excessive use would cause its muscles to grow weaker," while another pondered the legacy of human inventions, stating, "See, we are of value to the animal world. We invented cardboard and sheets of paper for the cats. We stole skateboards from the lilliputians and now give them to the turtles."

Overall, the video titled "I am speed's - Turtle Probably" has become a delightful piece of content, bringing smiles and laughter to those who watch it. Don't miss out on this entertaining clip—share it with friends on social media and join in on the fun!

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Top Comments from Imgur


He was a sk8ter boi.


I've seen these videos. That turtle like that cat WAY more than the cat like the turtle.




A mini skateboard for Turtles to go fast, best invention ever !


If only it wasn't a Tortoiseshell cat.


Someone has been bitten before.


That title is like stepping on something wet while wearing fresh socks


Turtle wants zoomies!


Finally, some good content


Cool skateboard for the turtle!

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