Joan Jett's Iconic Jacket Proves Punk Was Always Woke

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an era where the term "woke" is hotly debated, a striking image of Joan Jett's black leather jacket from the iconic "I Love Rock & Roll" music video serves as a powerful reminder that punk has always been ahead of the curve in advocating for social justice and individual rights. The jacket, now on display in a museum, is adorned with various buttons that highlight its historical and cultural significance.

Prominently featured on the jacket's left lapel is a green button with the slogan "Rock for Choice," accompanied by a figure rocking out on a guitar. This button underscores the punk movement's longstanding support for pro-choice initiatives. Beside it, another button boldly declares "Pro F***ING Choice," leaving no room for ambiguity in its stance.

Further emphasizing the punk ethos of activism, a blue and white button on the left side reads "WAC Women's Action Coalition," while a partially obscured yellow button seems to say "No... Good." These buttons, alongside the blue "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL" button on the right lapel, articulate a clear message: Punk has always championed women's rights and reproductive freedom.

Moreover, a beige and red button just below the blue one states, "If you say NO It's R***," highlighting the importance of consent, a topic that remains relevant in today's conversations about sexual assault and harassment.

The jacket's metallic zippers and worn appearance tell the story of its usage and the battles fought by those who wore it. This piece of memorabilia not only serves as a tribute to Joan Jett but also as a testament to the punk movement's unwavering commitment to social justice.

User comments on the image resonate with this sentiment. One user noted, "Punk was always about individuality. If you didn't understand this, you were in the wrong scene." Another highlighted Joan Jett's influence, stating, "Punk has always been woke. Long live Joan Jett."

The jacket and its buttons are a reminder that punk has always been more than just a musical genre; it has been a movement dedicated to challenging the status quo and advocating for the rights of marginalized groups. As one commenter succinctly put it, "Punk pretty much embodies the idea of 'woke' and was woke decades before woke was a thing."

In a time when the definition of "woke" is continually evolving, Joan Jett's jacket stands as a historical artifact that reaffirms punk's role in the fight for social justice and individual freedom. The image of this jacket not only captures the spirit of an era but also serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of punk activism.

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Revisionism is a core Conservative value.


Oh no! The original woke has gone woke! waaaaah!!


The absolute morons who use the word woke don’t even understand what it means


Henry Rollins has been vocally pro gay rights as long as I've been alive.


Punk was always about individuality. If you didn't understand this, you were in the wrong scene.


Ain't nothing more punk than telling the government to go f*** themselves and leave women alone. Amazingly Punk has ALWAYS been telling you conservative f***s to go eat a d*** for trying to control others with force. As it is written. F*** you, I wont do what you tell me!


"It's not what it used to be!" Like vegetarian? Feminist? Anti-N***? Straight edge? Anti-capitalist? Like Dead Kennedys wasn't woke s***?


At some point they’re just gonna have to come out and say “Freedom has gone woke!”


We all know what Natzy punks can do.


There once was a time in which N***s punks were told to f*** off. This was over 40 years ago.

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