Lick Lick... Lick? The Touching Video of a Trusting Horse and His Farrier

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a delightful video titled "Lick Lick... Lick?", viewers are treated to a touching interaction between a horse and his farrier. The video has garnered a lot of attention and admiration, with numerous comments reflecting the joy and fascination of the audience.

The video showcases a farrier, a professional who trims and shoes horses' hooves, as he works closely with a horse that seems incredibly comfortable and trusting. This relationship between the horse and the farrier is a testament to the farrier's skill and the bond they share.

One viewer noted, "One of the greatest feelings on earth is helping an animal in need and having that animal understand your intentions and letting you. I have pets so obviously that's never happened to me but I hear it's nice." This comment highlights the deep connection that can form between humans and animals when trust is established.

Another user humorously remarked, "As a dude: that is one good looking dude," pointing out the farrier's appearance. The farrier's muscular arm also caught attention, with one comment reading, "That is one vascular arm. I am slightly aroused."

The horse's behavior in the video, particularly its licking, intrigued many viewers. One person explained, "From what I understand, if the horse is a bit ornery, they give them something to relax them. It's in the form of an edible paste. This horse could just be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly high." Another added, "Probably doing it for the same reason they like salt licks, he is sweating... Sweat has salt, horse lick salt."

The bond between the farrier and the horse is further emphasized by comments such as, "This guy must be good, that horse trusts him," and "That is one pleasant horse. That's a big spoiled baby right there for sure."

The video also inspired some humorous comparisons and observations. One user joked, "Lady at the nail salon told me to get out when I did that," while another commented, "Workplace serial harassment for farriers is awkward and not exactly what I pictured."

Overall, "Lick Lick... Lick?" is a touching and amusing glimpse into the world of farriers and the special relationships they form with the animals they care for. The video concludes with the farrier saying, "I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please leave a like and subscribe. I'll catch you in the next video," inviting viewers to stay connected and look forward to more touching content.

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One the greatest feelings on earth is helping an animal in need and having that animal understand your intentions and letting you, i have pets so obviously thats never happened to me but i hear its nice


As a dude: hat is one good looking dude.




The ol' mega blep


It’s called style. Look it up


Lady at the nail salon told me to to get out when I did that.


This guy must be good, that horse trusts him


Your dog appears to be broken


"Getting nails done by my best friend!"


I mean, I get it...

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