How to Feuerwehr: German Efficiency and Unexpected Recruitment Tactics

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a viral Imgur video titled "How to Feuerwehr," German efficiency and a surprising recruitment method take center stage. The video has sparked a range of reactions and comments, highlighting the unique and sometimes humorous aspects of becoming a firefighter in Germany.

The video, accompanied by the repeated phrase "Удар вверх" (Strike up), showcases an unconventional method of recruiting firefighters. One user humorously noted, "It wehrs the feuer," while another commented on the impressive speed of the person who opened the door for a new recruit, only to trip her into the firefighting role.

The comments section is br****** with admiration for the German approach. One user remarked, "German efficiency strikes again!" while another couldn't help but notice, "those are the hottest firefighters I've ever seen." The term "Press Gang" was also mentioned, hinting at the somewhat forceful recruitment tactic depicted in the video.

A significant point of discussion was the freiwillige Feuerwehr (volunteer fire brigade) in Germany. One user mentioned that being part of this group requires some "drinking skills," adding a touch of local culture to the firefighting profession. Another interesting fact shared was about the firefighter helmets, which are repurposed WW2 Stahlhelme, adding a historical twist to the firefighting gear.

The ease and speed of the recruitment process in the video left some viewers envious. One user from Southern Ontario shared their lengthy application experience, stating, "Getting hired as a local firefighter in southern Ontario on permanent-hire status (non-volunteer) can take several years through the application process." This contrasted sharply with the quick and seemingly effortless recruitment shown in the video.

Comments also touched on the broader implications and personal reflections. One user wished for a similar job opportunity, lamenting their physical limitations due to past production labor injuries. Another user expressed a desire to relocate if it meant escaping their current situation, highlighting the appeal of the firefighting profession in Germany.

Overall, the video "How to Feuerwehr" not only entertained but also opened up a conversation about cultural differences, recruitment practices, and the universal admiration for firefighters. Whether it's the efficiency, the humor, or the historical elements, this video has captured the attention of many, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the unique world of German firefighting.

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It wehrs the feuer


those are the hottest firefighters i've ever seen.


German efficiency strikes again!


Press Gang


To be part of the (freiwillige) Feuerwehr in Germany means you need to have some drinking skills


Shirley that can't be legal?


„Freiwillige“ Feuerwehr


Fun fact: those firefighter helmets? Repurposed WW2 Stahlhelme.


Here in the US, there is no shortage of people who want to be firefighters.


How to become a firefighter in a hot second.

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