Silly Funeral Home Story: The Unexpected Twist That Left Everyone Laughing

Mason Riverwind

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a video that has recently taken social media by storm, a man recounts a silly and unexpected experience from his time working at a funeral home. This story, which has captivated audiences on Imgur, begins with a seemingly routine task that quickly takes a surprising turn.

The narrator starts by sharing that the worst job he ever had was working at a funeral home. During his second week, a deceased man arrived at the funeral home dressed in an expensive black suit. When the narrator asked the widow about her preferences for her late husband's attire, she expressed a desire to see him in a blue suit, stating that she always thought he looked good in blue. She even handed over a blank check, insisting on the best regardless of cost.

The next day, at the wake, the widow was delighted to see her husband in a perfectly fitting blue suit. She praised the narrator for his work and offered to pay for the suit, but he returned the blank check, stating that it cost him nothing. The punchline came when he revealed that he had simply asked another widow if her husband could be buried in the black suit, to which she had no objections. "So I just switched the heads," he concluded, leaving viewers in stitches.

Reactions to the video were overwhelmingly positive. One user commented, "Good punch line," while another added, "Didn't see that punchline coming, excellent job." Some users noted the video's clever twist, with comments like "Expecting a zig, got a zag instead. +1" and "Damn dude, that wasn't a punchline. That was a clothesline."

A particularly popular comment read, "Somebody post the 'not gonna lie, he had me in the first half' gif," highlighting the unexpected nature of the story. Another user humorously remarked, "A joke worthy of Norm... Macdonald, not the beer-guzzling barfly one."

The video's humor resonated with many, as one user shared, "I first heard this joke over 25 years ago when I was working in a hospital and did a small stint in the morgue." Another user explained the punchline for those who missed it, "For anyone confused, he says at the end 'so I switched the heads.'"

This story, with its rollercoaster of expectations and a perfect comedic twist, has proven to be a hit, leaving audiences both amused and impressed by the narrator's storytelling skills.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Good punch line.


Didn't see that punchline coming, excellent job.


Why include captions if you don't caption the punchline? I thought this was a bad upload that had the ending cut off.


Expecting a zig, got a zag instead. +1


Oh man, got me!


Damn dude, that wasn't a punchline. That was a clothesline.


My friend doesn't get it, can anyone explain it to my friend please.


Somebody post the "not gonna lie, he had me in the first half" gif


What was the punchline?



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