A Simple Compliment Can Make Someone's Day: Affecting Video Goes Viral

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where negativity often dominates, a viral video on Imgur titled "A simple compliment can make someone's day!! Love this" serves as a refreshing reminder of the power of kindness. This affecting video captures a series of genuine compliments being given to strangers, showcasing the profound impact such simple gestures can have on people's lives.

The video opens with a person saying, "You look very beautiful today," to which the recipient responds, "You just made my day." Another touching moment features someone expressing, "I wish I could give you a hug," followed by, "You look like a model," evoking heartfelt gratitude. These compliments range from praising outfits and haircuts to more general affirmations like, "You look so gorgeous today," and "Y'all are serving."

Reactions to the video highlight the mixed feelings people have about receiving compliments from strangers. One user shared a personal experience from a recent conference, where complimenting a woman's gorgeous hair led her to smile and strut with newfound confidence. Another user expressed a wish to give out compliments without having their intentions questioned.

While the video is overwhelmingly positive, some viewers expressed concerns. One comment noted that receiving compliments from strangers could trigger social anxiety, while another pointed out that unsolicited compliments might be perceived as disingenuous or even harmful. Despite these reservations, many users agreed that authentic compliments can brighten someone's day.

A Floridian user mentioned how they regularly compliment people while walking their dog, finding that it lifts everyone's spirits, including the dog's. Another user shared a joyful experience of someone admiring their unique hiking hat, which made their day. The consensus among many viewers is that specific, genuine compliments are often well-received.

The video and its comments underscore the importance of authenticity. Compliments need to be sincere to be effective, as people can easily discern between genuine praise and empty words. One user emphasized this by noting how complimenting specific items or characteristics, like nails or hats, can make people feel appreciated without coming across as creepy.

In essence, this viral Imgur video reminds everyone that a simple, heartfelt compliment can make a significant difference in someone's day. Whether it's a kind word about someone's appearance, a friendly note on a Starbucks cup, or a thoughtful compliment at work, these small gestures of kindness have the power to uplift and connect us all.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Unpopular opinion take: If a random stranger rolls up to me and gives me a random compliment, I will perceive it just as this video shows...someone randomly shot-gunning compliments at people. The "compliments" aren't genuine and may cause more harm than good.


Not saying to just spam randos with compliments, but a genuine compliment can completely change the game. At a conference recently, I was sat behind this woman with genuinely gorgeous hair. I mean... I would LOVE to have hair like that. I stopped her the last day and told her how fire her hair was. She smiled ear to ear and thanked me. And then walked off strutting. My colleague asked me what I had said to her, because she had said hello to her earlier and gotten stony silence.


I wish I could give out compliments without people assuming I have some malicious intent.


Vid is super positive, but if random stranger screams compliments at me while filming i will probably die from social anxiety attack.


When I try this, people run in horror, but I'm a giant ugly old man, so they're probably right more often than not to run away from people that look like me.


When people do that here I assume they're one of those annoying canvassers unfortunately


Floridian here. I won't stop my car and roll down the windows, but I do compliment people I met while out walking my dog. It makes all of us happy, including the dog. Win!


Haha nice! I wanna try too HEY BRO NICE C***


I've found that the only compliment people ALWAYS seem to appreciate is when I tell them I love their nails. I think it's because every time I do it, people assume I'm gay and not a threat.


I try to compliment people and they all look so stunned, but they seem to like it.

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