The Spectacular Aerial View of Los Angeles Fireworks on July 4th: En Route to LAX

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The 4th of July is synonymous with fireworks, and Los Angeles certainly knows how to put on a show. This year, an incredible video titled "The view from Los Angeles on the 4th of July, while en route to land at LAX" captured the breathtaking spectacle from a unique vantage point – high above the city, right before landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

The footage paints a vivid picture of the city’s skyline, pulsating with vibrant fireworks. One might even draw parallels to historical events, with a user likening the scene to "Flying over Dresden, Feb 13 1945." The visual feast is reminiscent of the opening chords of "Blade Runner," as noted by another viewer who shared a link to the iconic soundtrack by Vangelis. This comparison, "*VANGELIS INTENSIFIES*," perfectly captures the blend of awe and surrealism evoked by the scene.

While the display is undoubtedly mesmerizing, it also brings to light some pressing issues. Many of these fireworks are illegal in California, as pointed out by several commenters. One person commented, "FYI, most of those fireworks are illegal in California," highlighting the ongoing problem of unauthorized fireworks in the state. Another user humorously mentioned, "Every year on neighborhood app: ‘Did anyone else hear gunshots?’" emphasizing the noise and confusion often caused by these celebrations.

The aftermath of this da**ling display isn't all celebratory. A resident shared their experience, "I live in LA and work at an outdoor tourist location. Large portions of our workforce were indoors most of the day on July 5 due to the dangerous air quality in the city." The following day, the city was enveloped in a "blue smoke haze and amazingly bad air quality for 24 hours," another user reported. The environmental impact and health concerns are significant, with one person remarking, "Ahh senseless pollution to celebrate a failed democracy, how fitting."

This annual event has sparked various reactions. Some see it as a "little Blade Runnery," while others criticize it as a "senseless pollution." The tradition of fireworks on the 4th of July, despite their legal status, has continued unabated, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic began. One user noted, "Ever since Covid everyone in LA stopped caring about the consequences of firing illegal fireworks. This has now become the norm every year now."

Interestingly, the spectacle also provided a unique teaching moment for families. One parent shared, "Thanks! My 4yo was a bit scared of fireworks this year, said they were too big. We saw a plane above and my husband talked about how the people in the plane were seeing them. I got to show her now, so that’s really cool!"

The aerial view of Los Angeles fireworks on July 4th offers both a stunning visual experience and a moment to reflect on the broader implications of such celebrations. From the beauty of the display and the nostalgia induced by iconic soundtracks to the environmental and legal concerns, this annual event is a complex tapestry of sights, sounds, and sentiments.

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Flying over Dresden, Feb 13 1945


Seeing the smog light up must be lovely


Before unmuting, I heard the opening chords of "Blade Runner" in my head.




Good timing!


Every year on neighborhood app: “Did anyone else hear gunshots?”


FYI, most of those fireworks are illegal in California




"Amateurs" - Dutch citizen.


We'll meet again...don't know where...don't know when ...

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