Meeting Adam Savage at FanExpo in Denver: A Memorable Encounter

Aiden Starling

Updated Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

FanExpo in Denver, CO, was buzzing with excitement, and one moment that stood out was a sentimental interaction captured between Adam Savage and a fan. The image features the two individuals posing in front of a marbled blue and gray backdrop, exuding warmth and friendliness.

On the left, the fan, who is sitting in an orange and black wheelchair, showcases shoulder-length brown hair, large black-rimmed glasses, and a radiant smile. Dressed in a light yellow T-shirt and light-colored pants, the fan's cheerful demeanor is further highlighted by the black lanyard with a red badge around their neck, marked “Saturday.”

Kneeling beside the fan on one knee is none other than Adam Savage, famed for his work on "MythBusters" and his engaging YouTube channel "Tested." Adam, sporting a beige or tan wide-brimmed hat, black-rimmed glasses, and a short beard, complements the fan's happiness with his own bright smile. Clad in a black short-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and a wrist***ch on his left wrist, Adam's approachable and genuine nature stands out in this professional studio-like photograph.

Fans had plenty to say about this delightful moment. One user commented, "He seems like such a genuine person," while another added, "I'm happy to share the Bay Area with @mistersavage." The interaction even sparked humorous speculation, with one user joking, "I’m pretty sure he was proposing."

Adam Savage's reputation as an innovator and entertainer is well-known. One fan reminisced about the time he climbed into a Faraday cage while Tesla Coils played "Back in Black," a feat that can be watched on YouTube. However, not all comments were positive; some recounted less favorable experiences at conventions, pointing out his behavior at after parties.

Despite mixed reviews, the fan in the image expressed joy. "You have matching glasses, and I think that's cute. Glad you're so happy," one commenter noted. The admiration for Adam Savage extended to his creative work as well, with one user recommending his book and another praising his YouTube channel for its engaging content on shop tech and building things.

The photo also struck a chord with those who dream of meeting their idols. "My biggest goal is to see him at a con and have him react positively in any way to my cosplay/props," shared one fan. Others offered heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the fan for a smooth recovery from surgery, underscoring the supportive community spirit.

Meeting Adam Savage at FanExpo in Denver was undoubtedly a memorable experience for the fan, capturing the essence of what makes conventions special: the joy of meeting and interacting with those who inspire and entertain us.

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Top Comments from Imgur


He seems like such a genuine person.


I am happy to share the Bay Area with @mistersavage


I’m pretty sure he was proposing.


I remember that time he climbed into a faraday cage while the Tesla Coils were playing Back in Black


You have matching glasses, and I think that's cute. Glad you're so happy :3


Back to back recovery?


This is very sweet and kind of him but as someone who has worked at several cons Adam Savage is kinda a d***. He gets black out drunk at after parties and yells at servers and is super short with kids, to the point of leaving during his sighing time and tell kids to move on.


Glasses twins. Neat.





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