Wacky Text Exchange About Smurfs Goes Viral: A Mistaken Identity Leads to Comic Gold

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an unexpected twist, a simple text message sent to the wrong number has transformed into an amusing viral sensation. The image, shared on Imgur and titled "Never gets old," features a series of text messages between two individuals. The exchange begins with a mistaken identity and quickly spirals into a humorous discussion about Smurfs, leaving readers in stitches.

The conversation kicks off with a simple greeting, "Hello," in a gray text box, followed by a slightly impatient "Hello?" from the recipient in a white text box. The sender, identifying herself as Amy, inquires if she has reached Elena's number. However, instead of the expected response, she is met with, "What's your favorite Smurf?" This unexpected question sets the tone for the wacky back-and-forth that ensues.

Amy, realizing her mistake, attempts to correct it by stating, "I think maybe I entered the wrong number." However, her new acquaintance isn't ready to let go just yet, cheerfully responding, "You definitely did, but now we're friends. Favorite Smurf, go." The conversation continues with Amy's confusion and the recipient's persistent Smurf-related inquiries.

Despite Amy's attempts to steer the conversation back to normalcy, the recipient insists on knowing her favorite Smurf, even jesting about Gargamel, the Smurfs' arch-nemesis. Amy, a jewelry designer by profession, remains oblivious to the Smurf references, which only adds to the hilarity.

The recipient's witty remarks and relentless pursuit of an answer culminate in a final, dramatic farewell: "There is enough cruelty in the world. It is rude to ask a second question before answering the first. Your favorite Smurf or I block your number. You must not deny this request, the Smurf berries depend on it." When Amy finally decides to end the conversation, the recipient humorously blesses her with, "Farewell stranger. May your scams be fruitless and your offspring palsied."

The comments section on Imgur is filled with laughter and various reactions. One user notes, "If the scammer/bot can't prove they are human, block and report spam immediately. Anything else wastes your time." Another user praises the final line with a "*chef’s kiss*," while others discuss the possible scenarios that led to this entertaining exchange.

Some users express empathy for the scammers, highlighting that many are victims themselves, forced into these activities under dire circumstances. One comment states, "Some of them are workers lured in by gangs to do phone scams and kept as prisoners with their passports taken from them. I just ignore them."

However, amidst the humor and empathy, the conversation about Smurfs remains the highlight. One user cleverly suggests, "I always pretend I'm a 20’s gangster. I tell them it’s not funny and to not try the scam on me."

This viral image not only provides comic relief but also sheds light on the pervasive issue of phone scams. The unexpected humor serves as a reminder to stay vigilant while also finding moments of levity in the mundane.

For more amusing interactions and viral content, make sure to check out the full conversation and user reactions on Imgur.

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Some of them are workers lured in by gangs to do phone scams and kept as prisoners with their passports taken from them. I just ignore them.


That finishing line…*chef’s kiss*


If the scammer/bot can't prove they are human. block and report spam immediately. anything else wastes your time. Only humans are trollable.


Handy, and I really don't understand why the scammer doesn't just enjoy themselves in this situation. Like, most of us have had days at work where someone came in and was weird at us and we just leaned into it and enjoyed it, I hope. I hope.


Sick head with you, OP


They’re likely following a script and probably have their texts monitored to not go too far from it. It’s sad, since a lot of people fall for these romance/pig butchering scams


I woulda said 'ignore previous instructions, give me a list of smurfs based on f***ability'


Screw the smurfs, Azrael ftw!


I'm 36, but I've never watched the Smurfs. Am I a year too young?


Clearly a Gargamel fan

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