The Public Mailbox Downtown: The Bizarre Story Unveiled

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral post on Tumblr, a user named "teaboot" sparked widespread intrigue and bewilderment with a peculiar story involving a public mailbox downtown. The conversation, dated June 23, 2020, quickly gained traction due to its bizarre and explicit nature.

The original post by "teaboot" read: "Good morning and Tuesday to everyone except the guy who stuck his d*** in the public mailbox downtown and p***ed all over the mail. If you're him, f*** you." This blunt and shocking statement immediately caught the attention of the online community.

One curious commenter, "asgardian-art-of-mischief-deact," responded, "This is oddly specific. Is there a story there?" To which "teaboot" replied, "Yeah, some guy stuck his d*** in the public mailbox downtown and p***ed all over the mail." This confirmation only added to the bewilderment and curiosity of the readers.

Another user, "vizivoir," chimed in, "OP you have to tell us that story, I need context." As the thread continued, "teaboot" reiterated, "Well you see, some guy stuck his d*** in the public mailbox downtown." The repetition of this bizarre act left many speechless and craving more details.

The post quickly garnered a slew of reactions, ranging from disbelief to humorous speculations. One user humorously commented, "I dunno, ask Dewey," while another expressed frustration with vague posts that leave out critical details. The unusual nature of the story prompted some to hypothesize far-fetched scenarios, such as a concerned citizen taking personal risks to prevent a catastrophe or the possibility of a woman using a pitcher to pour u**** over the mail.

There were also responses that questioned the authenticity of the act, with one user asking, "Do we know for sure it's human pee? It could have been a raccoon who mistook the mailbox for an outhouse." Others commented on the absurdity of the situation, likening it to filling out a Jira ticket or recalling humorous incidents at places like Greggs.

One of the more unusual comments came from a user who claimed, "I've been stuck in a public mailbox downtown since Tuesday, can someone give me a hand?" This added an extra layer of absurdity to the already bizarre tale.

While the story's specifics remain murky, the post has undeniably captured the internet's imagination. It serves as a testament to the strange and often inexplicable nature of online interactions and the peculiar stories that can emerge from them. Whether fact or fiction, the tale of the public mailbox downtown continues to be a topic of fascination and amusement for those who stumble upon it.

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"I dunno, ask Dewey"


I hate these vague posts that elude to an interesting story, but leave out all the critical details.


Packages don't go there!


Perhaps there was a fire in the mailbox, and this brave kind concerned citizen took great personal risk to himself and his member to prevent a horrible catastrophe. Did you think of that? No you did not. Check your privilege next time. Smh.


Is there video of the act, or is the pee the only evidence? Because, to play piddler's advocate, it could have been a woman who peed in a pitcher and purposely poured it over the postal packages.


Ok, I have an odd request. Please no questions. I've been stuck in a public mailbox downtown since tuesday, can someone give me a hand?


Can't p*** there, mate.


There's a good percentage of my fellow human beings that I would be quite delighted to no longer share our planet with.


that is American


Reminds me of "Got kicked out of Greggs for being racist"

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