Amusing Dog Brings Buzzing Stick to Distracted Owner: A Golden Retriever Named Sting Shines

Mia Nightshade

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a sweet and amusing video titled "I got you a present hooman! - Dog" shared on Imgur, a Golden Retriever named Sting surprises his owner with an unexpected gift. The video showcases Sting proudly carrying a buzzing stick, seemingly confused but determined to present his find to his human.

One user amusingly remarked, "I is good dog, I bring fancy stick, stick make noise like hooman toys," capturing the essence of Sting's innocent gesture. Another user humorously noted, "This stick is buzzing, got to give it to master." The video has garnered various reactions, from laughter to admiration for the dog's pure-hearted nature.

Adding context to Sting's antics, a user shared that "He had the dog neutered the day before," which might explain why the dog was so eager to please his owner. Another comment highlighted the breed's quirks, "Goldens, man. They're something else. :)" Indeed, Golden Retrievers are known for their friendly and sometimes goofy demeanor.

In a light-hearted jab at the owner, one user quipped, "Next time stop looking at your phone and throw sticks, else I bring more jalapeno sky raisin farms for you," pointing out the common issue of distracted pet owners. This sentiment was echoed in another comment, "the usual 'not paying attention due to smartphone' that regularly kills people or have them hurt in many ways."

Despite the playful criticisms, Sting's actions have endeared him to many. Comments like "Good...? Dog." and "Pure of heart. Dumb of a**." reflect the affectionate yet humorous tone of the audience. One user mentioned, "The dog's name is Sting," adding a personal touch to the narrative.

A particularly memorable comment reminisced about a similar experience: "I've never seen my dog look more proud than when he cornered a skunk and got sprayed in the face. '😃Did you see how I scared it away, Daddy?! It made such a big smell, I scared it so bad! 😃😁' '🤢 Good job, buddy. I'm proud of you.🤢 Let's get you in the shower.🤮'"

Other comments ranged from playful cheers like "g'boy" to references to popular culture with "This is my BOOMSTICK!" and "Branch of spicy fly." One user humorously categorized Golden Retrievers into types, stating, "There are two types of Golden. The R's and B's --- This is clearly a B... as in Beetriever."

Overall, Sting's buzzing stick adventure has brought joy and laughter to many, underscoring the unique bond between pets and their owners. This video serves as a delightful reminder of the simple yet profound ways animals enrich our lives, even through their most bewildering antics.

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I is good dog, I bring fancy stick, stick make noise like hooman toys


He had the dog neutered the day before


This stick is buzzing, got to give it to master.


Goldens, man. They're something else. :)


Next time stop looking at your phone and throw sticks, else I bring more jalapeno sky raisin farms for you.


Good...? Dog.


Pure of heart. Dumb of a**.


The dog's name is Sting.




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