Wacky Signpost Sparks RPG and Fantasy Jokes: The 'Old Orc Hard' Phenomenon

Mason Riverwind

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent image circulating on social media has sparked a wave of laughter and creative commentary among fans of RPGs and fantasy lore. The image, featuring a cleverly juxtaposed signpost, has become a viral sensation.

The signpost, set against a backdrop of lush greenery, consists of two rounded signs. On the left, the sign reads "OLD ORC," while the right sign reads "HARD." When read together, the signs humorously suggest "OLD ORC HARD," a phrase that has led to a flurry of witty comments and jokes online.

One user humorously imagined incorporating the sign into an RPG campaign, envisioning an old orc proudly proclaiming his vitality to the community. Another user referenced a famous scene from "The Lord of the Rings," joking, "This is how Aragorn broke his toe: Tried kicking that old orc right in the nards."

The humor didn't stop there. One user reminisced about living on an "Old Orchard," while another expressed excitement for their orc shaman's spell-casting abilities. The playful banter continued with comments like "For the Horde" and "Red potion works faster though," adding to the comedic exchange.

The bottom part of the image features two particularly amusing social media comments. The first comment jokes, "Old Orc lucky. Some old orc not get hard. Must take blue potion," playing on the idea of medication for male reproductive health. The second comment adds to the humor, stating, "If hard lasting more than 4 hours contact shaman. They be impressed as hell," accompanied by a laughing face icon.

The image and its accompanying comments have struck a chord with fans of fantasy and RPGs, blending humor with a touch of nostalgia. This viral phenomenon showcases the power of a simple image to ignite creativity and laughter across social media platforms.

For those intrigued by fantasy worlds and the playful nature of their communities, the "Old Orc Hard" signpost serves as a delightful reminder of the camaraderie and humor that unite fans of the genre.

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Top Comments from Imgur


I'm going to do my best to put this sign inside of an RPG campaign one day, for the exact reasons of a (culturally acceptable) old orc proclaiming his vitality/virility to the community, like it's wishing everybody a good day.


This is how Aragorn broke his toe: Tried kicking that old orc right in the nards.


.... OOOOOH ORCHARD.......




Sounds like a Friday night baby


Damn my orc shaman can only cast iron skin as a 1 minutes per caster level spell. If you found a way to have that last 4 hours that would be a major discovery


I used to live on an Old Orchard!


For the Horde


Red potion work faster tho.


Don't they just have to believe they are hard to make it happen?

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