Touching Comic 'Surprise' by MoringMark Delights Fans with Adorable Characters

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The latest three-panel comic titled 'Surprise' by MoringMark has taken social media by storm, capturing hearts with its adorable characters and delightful interactions. Set in a cozy kitchen, the comic features four animated characters engaging in a lighthearted, humorous moment that has left fans gushing.

In the top panel, three characters are seated around a circular table. The character on the left, sporting dark curly hair, glasses, and a dark red cardigan, smiles warmly while holding a smartphone. The middle character, with short light green hair and a dark blue jacket, joins the conversation with a smile. Completing the trio on the right is a character with short dark hair, dressed in a blue and white striped long-sleeve shirt, gesturing animatedly. The background showcases a refrigerator adorned with pictures and magnets, adding a homely touch with green cabinets above the counter.

The middle panel continues the charm, with the trio sharing laughs. The character on the left still focuses on the smartphone, while the middle character laughs heartily, looking at the rightmost character who points playfully. The scene takes a mischievous turn as a fourth character with light purple hair and a purple dress enters from the right, finger on lips, hinting at a surprise.

The bottom panel delivers the comic's delightful twist. The dark-haired character stands up, beaming at the smartphone, while the middle character looks on in surprise. The purple-haired character steps in, pinching the cheek of the character on the right, inducing a blush and startled expression, much to the amusement of the others.

Fans have flooded the comments section with adoration. "Okay, that was adorable," one user exclaimed. Another fan noted, "Such an adorable couple and family. Touching comic." The comic's wholesome nature even prompted a user to question, "What monster downvotes this?"

Camila, a character known for her knack for capturing moments, received special praise for her camera skills. "Bonus points to Camila for holding the camera the CORRECT way when taking a group picture," a user remarked. The comic also sparked interest in 'The Owl House' fandom, with mentions of the Parliament of the Owl House convening and invitations to join their Discord community.

Other fans appreciated the character's new outfit and art style, with comments like, "OOo, new outfit! I like it!" and "I know *nothing* about this whole show/comic. But I love the art style." The surprise element of the interdimensional girlfriend added an extra layer of charm, with fans calling it "so adorable!!!" and "lovely."

MoringMark's 'Surprise' is a testament to the power of simple, touching storytelling. With its adorable characters and playful interactions, it continues to bring joy to fans, making it a must-see in the world of webcomics.

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What monster downvotes this?


Okay, that was adorable.


Such an adorable couple and family. Heartwarming comic.


The Parliament of the Owl House has been covened. Please respond here if you'd like to be added. And feel free to join our Discord!


Bonus points to Camila for holding the camera the CORRECT way when taking a group picture.




OOo, new outfit! I like it!


This is how pranks should be


surprise interdimensional girlfriend!


I know *nothing* about this whole show/comic. But I love the art style.

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