Witty Video Sparks Debate on Stay-at-Home Dads and Socializing: Must Be Money!

Avery Emberly

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recently viral video titled "Must Be Money!" shared on Imgur, a man’s lighthearted conversation has sparked an array of reactions and discussions online. The video begins with a jovial exchange where one man says, "He's doing well. Doing well, mate. What's your secret, mate?" to which the other responds, "You know what? Hey!" The brief yet engaging clip has since garnered a multitude of comments that delve into the societal perceptions of stay-at-home dads and their social lives.

One of the top comments humorously suggests that the man might possess a "Forklift Certification," while another cheekily claims he "Started a cult." The video has also sparked a range of playful remarks such as "Pregante!" and "Can't pull out of a driveway," illustrating the playful nature of the online community.

Interestingly, some comments have taken a more contemplative turn. The phrase “Utah citizenship” and mentions of "Sister wives?" and "Polygamy" hint at assumptions regarding the man’s lifestyle, possibly drawing a connection to Mormon culture and its associated stereotypes. Another user questions, "Can someone explain this to me, not my imaginary friend?" indicating that the video has piqued curiosity and confusion alike.

Among the lighter side of comments, "He makes them laugh. A lot." and "Mixtape is lit" highlight the man's ability to entertain and engage those around him. A particularly amusing comment reads, "Make her laugh till her pants fall off," showcasing the humor appreciated by the audience.

The video has also led to a broader conversation about the role of stay-at-home dads in social settings. One user commented, "All these people never seen a new parent group so they just assume it's a harem," while another pondered, "Jokes aside, why can't a stay-at-home Dad go socialize with the other stay-at-home parents without it turning sexual?" This sentiment resonates with another comment, "It's not like I've personally been blasted for having a d*** at the mommy meeting or anything."

A few comments also touch upon religious undertones, with phrases like "I just believe in the Mormon sky god is all" and "Religion." These remarks suggest that viewers are contemplating the influence of faith and culture on the man's social interactions.

The light-hearted nature of the video is further emphasized by comments such as "That beer looks incredible" and "They are his systers...," adding to the humorous and engaging atmosphere surrounding the video.

In summary, the viral Imgur video "Must Be Money!" has not only entertained its viewers but also spurred a rich discussion on social norms, parenting, and cultural perceptions. Whether it’s the humor, curiosity, or deeper societal questions it raises, this video has certainly captured the internet's attention.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Forklift Certification.


Started a cult




Utah citizenship


Can't pull out of a driveway


He makes them laugh. A lot.


Can someone explain this to me, not my imaginary friend?


Mixtape is lit


"Make her laugh till her pants fall off"


All these people never seen a new parent group so they just assume it's a harem.

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