Quirky Outdoor Event Features a Tiny 'MINIBAR' with Big Personality

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An eye-catching image of a unique outdoor setup has captured the internet's attention, showcasing a portable bar named "MINIBAR." This distinctively low-height bar has become the talk of the town, situated on a picturesque grassy lawn surrounded by large, shading trees and a serene body of water in the background. The sleek gray metallic canopy and bar counter boast the word "MINIBAR" in large, black, bold letters, immediately drawing in curious onlookers.

The scene is animated by the presence of a bartender smartly dressed in a formal vest, white shirt, and bow tie, diligently preparing drinks. Standing beside him, another individual appears to be assisting or engaging in light-hearted conversation, adding to the friendly and laid-back atmosphere of the event.

In front of the bar, patrons are seen interacting with the bartender. A woman in a bright blue top with long blonde hair, viewed from the back, is poised to place her order. Nearby, another woman sporting a black top and animal-print pants stands casually, embodying the relaxed vibe of the event. Several other attendees are mingling around, soaking in the sunny day and the jovial ambiance.

The MINIBAR has not only charmed the attendees but also sparked a wave of entertaining comments online. One user humorously remarked, "Those women are f***in huge!" while another commented, "They set the bar low." The playful banter continued with remarks such as, "Please tell me they were serving the 'airplane' singles?" and "Men of their stature are in short supply."

Other comments included witty observations like "That bar is short staffed," "Death by snu snu!" and "Serving small beer in short measure." The clever wordplay extended further with quips about the bar's size and service, with one user joking, "If they’d just give out every drink in Shot glasses instead of normal ones, that’d be amusing."

The image of the MINIBAR has not only provided a delightful visual but has also become a source of amusement and creativity for many. Whether seen as a clever marketing gimmick or just a fun novelty, the MINIBAR has undoubtedly made a big impact despite its small size. The charming setup, combined with the scenic outdoor setting, makes it a memorable highlight of what appears to be a larger, enjoyable event or festival.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Those women are f***in huge!


They set the bar low.


Please tell me they were serving the "airplane" singles?


Do you think they feel belittled?


Men of their stature are in short supply


I know a little German.


The bartender is a little drunk.


Death by snu snu!


That bar is short staffed.



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