Lighthearted Aussie Humor Shines in CrackerMilk's Fresh(ish) Memes #164

Zoey Waverider

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The latest installment of CrackerMilk's Fresh(ish) Memes #164 has taken the internet by storm, showcasing the unique and side-splitting humor that only Australian content creators can deliver. This video, featuring an outrageous family dinner conversation, has garnered significant attention and praise from viewers across the globe.

In the clip, a young couple delivers some surprising news to the father at the dinner table. The conversation quickly escalates into a comical exchange filled with absurd and exaggerated advice on how often the young man should be "railing" his partner. With lines like "He's absolutely railing me about three times a day" and the father's insistence on "at least five times a day, six times probably," the video leaves viewers in stitches. The hilarity reaches its peak with the father's warning about the young man's commitment, stating, "If I hear that you're pulling out, I am going to be very, very disappointed."

The comments on the video further amplify its comedic impact. User G*****n praises Aussie humor, asserting that it "never disappoints." Another user humorously asks, "Hi, yes I'd like my sausage battered, please," while yet another notes, "that beat slaps ngl." The video also received a shoutout to CrackerMilk, with one user urging others to support them: "CrackerMilk, another great Aussie export."

One particularly creative comment suggested a meme format involving a Quarter Pounder and a Hole Pounder, adding another layer of humor to the already laugh-out-loud video.

CrackerMilk's ability to blend outrageous humor with relatable family dynamics makes Fresh(ish) Memes #164 a must-watch. For those who haven't yet experienced this comedic gem, it's time to head over to CrackerMilk's YouTube channel and give them the views and likes they deserve. The video promises a hearty dose of laughter and is a testament to the distinct and beloved style of Australian comedy.

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Top Comments from Imgur


#1 G*****n Aussie humor never disappoints.


#12 Hi, yes I'd like my sausage battered, please.


#21 I thought the little guy shrugging his shoulders was a tattoo trying to hold up his eyebrows.


#50 that beat slaps ngl


#25 this would be infinitely funnier if it said 🍔 ⬆️ Quarter Pounder Hole Pounder ⬇️


#1 Crackermilk, another great Aussie export.


#1 is crom CrackerMilk. Please give them the views and likes they deserve


#6 I did not come here to be personally attacked like this, particularly during the current Steam sale. For shame, @op ! ;)


#12 would you like us to assign someone to batter your sausage?


#19 Based on his user name, I'm going to suggest that this person needs to be mocked even more. Also punched.

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