Bird PSA: The Critical Mistake Most People Make When Rescuing Birds

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Discover the essential advice for rescuing birds without causing them harm. A viral video on Imgur titled "Bird PSA" has brought attention to a crucial mistake many well-meaning individuals make when trying to save distressed birds.

In the video, the rescuer explains that the open hole in a bird's mouth is its airway. When birds are stressed, they open their mouths as a defensive gesture and not because they are dehydrated. This response is common in every rescue situation as the birds instinctively try to bite. If even a tiny drop of water enters this airway, it can lead to drowning. Therefore, it is advised never to drip or pour water directly into a bird's mouth. The video emphasizes placing the bird in a box and allowing it to recover naturally.

The video has struck a chord with viewers, prompting a range of emotional responses. One comment reveals a haunting childhood memory of unintentionally causing the death of a bird chick due to lack of knowledge. Another commenter, filled with gratitude, thanks the original poster for sharing this life-saving information. The video has also sparked humorous remarks, with some drawing parallels to waterboarding, albeit in a light-hearted manner.

This informative video serves as a reminder of the importance of proper animal care and the potential consequences of misguided good intentions. It has educated many and will likely prevent future mishaps in bird rescue efforts.

For anyone faced with rescuing a bird, remember this crucial piece of advice: never pour water into their open mouths. Instead, place them in a safe, enclosed space and allow them time to recuperate. This simple step can make all the difference in ensuring their survival.

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OMG, this is a GREAT post OP --- TIL


Upvoting for visibility. More of us need to know this now that I know it.


I can't believe that the bird didn't peck the c*** out of her.


That is how I killed (unintentionally) the first bird chick I ever attempted to rescue as a child. We did not have internet back then and not enough local knowledge regarding young animals and their care. It was also my fault the nest dropped out of the grape vine when an out-of-bounds basketball hit the vine rig. The guilt of the responsibility for that songbird chick's early death still haunts me to this day


If you do give a bird water, I know a guy who's an expert in bird law. Get you off, real quick.


But if you do waterboard them. Firmly ask where the f*** is your money, you sonuvab****


TIL how to waterboard birds


Everything reminds me of her


Well I never! Similar morphology to reptiles. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for the education @op


“Please don’t water board them” is just good life advice in general.

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