Playful Encounter with a State Trooper: When a Seatbelt Slips AWOL

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever had a bizarre encounter with law enforcement? Well, get ready for a story that will leave you in stitches. A few years ago, a state trooper took it upon himself to ticket someone for a seatbelt violation that was beyond absurd. You won't believe what happened next!

In an image that has been making the rounds on social media, a penguin takes center stage, symbolizing the outrageousness of the situation. The image is divided into two halves - a blue background at the top and a red background at the bottom.

At the top, in bold white letters, the text boldly declares, "FEW YEARS AGO, A STATE TROOPER TICKETED ME BECAUSE MY SEATBELT SLID OFF MY SHOULDER AND WASN'T 'VISIBLE'." Yes, you read that right! The poor driver was slapped with a ticket simply because their seatbelt slipped off their shoulder. Talk about a case of bad luck!

But fear not, justice prevailed in the end. On the red background at the bottom, the text reads, "THE JUDGE THOUGHT IT WAS ABSURD AND THREW IT OUT." The judge saw the ridiculousness of the situation and dismissed the ticket, ensuring that this bizarre encounter didn't tarnish the driver's record.

The image captures the essence of the story perfectly, with the penguin standing tall and proud on the dividing line between the blue and red backgrounds. It symbolizes the connection between the initial injustice and the eventual triumph of reason.

The comments on this post reflect a mix of amusement, frustration, and shared experiences. People have shared anecdotes of similar encounters with law enforcement, highlighting the flaws in the system and the absurdity of some tickets being issued.

While this image may seem lighthearted and humorous, it sheds light on the occasional quirks of the legal system and the sometimes bizarre circumstances that lead to tickets being issued. It serves as a reminder that we should question and challenge such situations when they arise.

So, the next time you find yourself in a strange encounter with a state trooper or any law enforcement officer, remember this story and don't be afraid to fight for what's right. After all, sometimes the absurdity of the situation might just be enough to get the ticket thrown out!

In the end, this tale of a slipping seatbelt and an incredulous judge reminds us that justice can prevail, even in the face of the most peculiar circumstances. Stay alert, stay safe, and keep that seatbelt securely fastened!

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This is your reminder that cops are not required to know the law, and cannot be held liable for "enforcing" laws that do not exist.


The system works. ...Occasionally. ...more like a broken watch.


I read “tickled me” at first and thought this story was taking a weird turn from square one.


lol reminds me of when I was doing construction and got into the foreman's truck so we could go grab some equipment from our off-site staging area, and we both spaced on our seatbelts because we were being a bit dumb. Anyway, the cop saw us do this and pulled us over almost immediately, and I realized I had forgotten my seat belt and quickly pulled it on. So the officer walked up and called us out on not wearing them and he straight up paused a solid 5 or so seconds when he saw mine on. xD


How does a seatbelt slip off your shoulder?


"Seatbelt slid off my shoulder" Sorry but this is indeed unlikely other than it was intended to side off. If you put your seatbelt on correctly, it can't sliding off your shoulder


System is broke. Paid $10,000 over 10 years , and still had to sit out 2, of 3 traffic tickets. Reason I wasn't there, and had a warrant issued? I had brain surgery, and was in a coma. Just 'merica things, I guess.


Was it a ticket for wearing a seatbelt incorrectly? How can it slide off your shoulder ?


Got a ticket on I69 in Indiana for 6 MPH over the speed limit. Trooper seemed really angry that I had passed a fully marked state police car. I call the court, the nice lady can't find a record of the ticket ... because the prosecutor decided that the trooper was being a d*ck and put the ticket in the ANGH pile.


Not just Georgia. That type of s*** happens w/ all state troopers. Especially during quota time. Got pulled over going 75 in the left hand lane (speed limit 70) so I could pass a semi that was going under the speed limit. He said I was going 83 in a 65 which was not possible as I had cruise control on.

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