The Bed-Toaster Chronicles: A Journey of Weight Loss and Toasty Temptations

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever had a quirky habit that you just couldn't let go of, no matter how much it hindered your health goals? Well, one Reddit user, known as BythepowerofPlank, recently shared their own unique experience of conquering their weight loss journey while bidding farewell to a rather unconventional bedtime companion - a bed-toaster!

In a captivating image that has since gone viral, BythepowerofPlank illustrated their transformation by dividing the picture into two halves. The top half, painted in vibrant red, symbolizes their former self, while the bottom half, a serene blue, represents their healthier and happier present. At the center of this visual representation, a jubilant penguin gracefully glides from the red side to the blue, embodying the freedom and joy that comes with embracing positive change.

Overlaying the image are two sections of white text, each corresponding to the respective colored background. On the red side, the confession unfolds: "When I was fat, I used to have a toaster by my bed, to eat buttered toast at night. I stopped doing that when I went in for becoming healthy." This admission highlights the struggles faced during the weight loss journey and the sacrifices made to achieve a better lifestyle.

But even in the face of progress, the blue side reveals a touch of nostalgia: "Sometimes I still miss my bed-toaster." It's a sentiment that strikes a chord with many, reminding us that change can be bittersweet. The longing for past comforts is a relatable experience, particularly when it comes to letting go of habits that provided solace during challenging times.

As this captivating image made its way across social media platforms, it garnered various reactions from users. Some were quick to express their curiosity, pondering the logistics of eating toast in bed. There were questions about the source of the butter, the need for a specialized bed butter knife, and even the placement of a hot toaster once the snacking session was complete. The humorous comments revealed the imaginative minds of those who couldn't help but envision the intricacies of this unconventional toast-eating routine.

Others empathized with BythepowerofPlank's journey, sharing their own battles with food-related habits. One user disclosed their struggles with anorexia, highlighting the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight and the perseverance required to overcome such difficulties. The support and understanding within the Reddit community showcased the power of shared experiences and the motivation that can be derived from them.

Of course, amidst the serious discussions, there were lighthearted remarks that brought a smile to readers' faces. References to fictional characters, such as Michael Scott from "The Office," added a touch of humor to the conversation. Suggestions for cuddling with a toaster plushie or the desire for a shower toaster infused the thread with playful banter, demonstrating the internet's knack for turning even the most unconventional topics into comedic gold.

As the comments poured in, one underlying message prevailed - the importance of self-improvement and the challenges that come with it. Many acknowledged the addictive nature of sugar and its contribution to obesity, sharing personal stories of attempting to cut back on sugary foods and the hurdles they faced along the way. The support and encouragement exchanged within this online community showcased the power of collective motivation in achieving health goals.

BythepowerofPlank's weight loss achievement deserves applause, as losing over 60kg (approximately 130 pounds or 9 stone, 6 pounds) is no small feat. The positive response they received from fellow Reddit users, including suggestions for writing a book or pursuing stand-up comedy, further emphasizes the impact their story has had on others. It serves as a reminder that personal triumphs can inspire and uplift those who are on a similar path.

As we bid adieu to the image of the sliding penguin and reflect on the journey it represents, let us celebrate the power of transformation and the resilience of the human spirit. BythepowerofPlank's story reminds us that change is possible, even in the face of tempting bed-toasters and the crumbs that may linger in the sheets. So, here's to embracing healthier habits, letting go of our comfort zones, and sliding towards a brighter, toast-free future.

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you lost a whole *not american person worth of weight


The logistics of this seem complicated, like where does the butter come from, do you have a bed butter knife, a bed plate, where do you put the hot toaster when your done, so many questions.


Aside from the obvious health concerns, all I can think of is the amount of toast crumbs in that bed.


Hey, good job on changing your ways! It's tough to break habits, so entirely normal to still miss the old days from time to time. Just stick with it, the more time passes, the easier it'll get. I went through this from the opposite direction, was anorexic and way underweight for a long time, now I'm at normal weight. And I still occasionally have days where I feel the urge to just not eat and have to force myself to eat something. But the more time passed, the easier it got.


Honey, im cold, can you put the bed toaster under the blanket?


Why not get a toaster plushie to cuddle with when you sleep? Someone out there must make them.


Shower toaster, how I miss you from before I started therapy


This gives me serious Michael Scott vibes


My wife and I are overweight and we know it. I've been trying to completely cut sugary food out of my diet and I've tried to inspire my wife to do the same with baby steps. She usually buys 4 big bottles of coke a week and I suggested she cut down to 3 for a few weeks, and then 2 and so forth. She decided to go cold turkey instead and lasted a day before going out and buying more. Sugar is a powerful drug and it's the biggest contributor to obesity.


You should write a book, or do stand-up or something, Plank.

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