Silly SNL Skit: Jason Momoa Takes on Big Boy Home Appliances

Zoey Waverider

Updated Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where women are now the primary breadwinners in 50% of American homes, the dynamics of housework have shifted. And to address this change, GE has introduced their new line of Big Boy Home Appliances, as showcased in a side-splitting SNL skit featuring the charismatic Jason Momoa.

The skit opens with the narrator emphasizing the importance of providing men with the right tools to tackle household chores. Enter the Big Boy Dishwasher, boasting a massive 70-pound steel door that even challenges the strength of women. It's a humorous take on the traditional gender roles associated with housework.

Next up is the Big Boy Washing Machine, standing tall at six feet. The skit playfully suggests that even though a woman may have climbed the corporate ladder, she'll still need an actual ladder to operate this towering appliance. The exaggerated height of the washing machine adds another layer of hilarity to the sketch.

But the real showstopper in the skit is the Big Boy Ride-On Vacuum Cleaner. With a staggering 240 horsepower, this vacuum is a chore-tackling force to be reckoned with. And if that wasn't enough, it comes equipped with a detachable spot remover that obliterates stains. The combination of raw power and cleaning prowess is sure to leave viewers in stitches.

The comments on the video reflect the positive reception of the skit. Many viewers express their amusement, with some calling it the funniest SNL skit in a long time. The inclusion of Jason Momoa, known for his muscular physique, adds an extra layer of irony, as some commenters joke about his prosthetic muscles. Others highlight the effectiveness of this marketing strategy and draw comparisons to similar successful campaigns.

Additionally, viewers appreciate the satire and comedic elements of the skit. The vacuum mower, in particular, elicits a strong response, with one commenter admitting to completely losing it at the sight of it. The overall consensus is that the skit successfully hits the mark in delivering laughs.

Amidst the humor and entertainment, the skit also sparks discussions on gender roles and the changing dynamics within households. Commenters reflect on the positive trend of male immigrants from patriarchal countries embracing paternity leave and actively participating in childcare. There's also a mention of the desire for someone to financially support them as they take care of their children and keep the house in top shape.

The skit concludes with a playful jab at energy efficiency, as all GE Big Boy Appliances are humorously assigned an ENERGY STAR rating of F-. This clever addition adds a final touch of laughter to the video.

In summary, the SNL skit featuring Jason Momoa and GE's Big Boy Home Appliances is a silly take on the shifting gender dynamics in households. With its exaggerated features, the skit highlights the need for men to have the right tools to accomplish their share of housework. Viewers have responded positively, praising the humor and wit displayed in the skit. So, if you're looking for a good laugh and a playful commentary on gender roles, this SNL skit is a must-watch.

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One thing that is nice to see over here that so so many male immigrants from traditional very patriarchal countries use the paternity leave, go to the playground with the kids and walk around with a stroller etc.


This is the first legitimately funny thing from SNL in a lonnnng time


I'll take the vacuum.


6 foot washing machine that is still a head shorter than Jason Momoa.


Funny how they get Jason Mamoa on here as a big burly man when in truth he's skinny and all those muscles are prosthetics.


For those who don't think this marketing works, just look at dude wipes...


Hahaha this is amazing, completely lost it at the vacuum mower 🤣🤣🤣


I always thought they should do this for d****s


As a man, I would be too weak to open that dishwasher or the washing machine lol

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