The Loneliness Dilemma: Seeking Safety in Isolation

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Thursday, May 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, finding solace in solitude can be quite a challenge. However, for some individuals, being alone is not just a personal preference, but a means of seeking safety and tranquility. A recent social media post shared a powerful reflection on this topic, capturing the hearts and minds of many users.

The post, titled "Safety in Isolation," delves into the experiences of the author, who discovered a sense of security in their own company during childhood. The absence of enraged or erratic individuals, as well as the elimination of fear, made being alone a sanctuary for them. Seeking refuge in quiet spaces became second nature, and unfortunately, this habit carried over into adulthood.

The author admits that their inclination towards isolation has become a lifelong tendency. They acknowledge that they had learned, early on, that a safe life is often a solitary one. However, this realization has become a double-edged sword, as the longing for connection and recognition persists, even though they prefer to go unnoticed.

The relatability of this sentiment resonated deeply with users, as one comment aptly puts it, "F***ing relatable." This colloquial expression showcases the intense identification individuals have with the emotions conveyed in the post. It serves as a reminder that many people share this complex relationship with solitude.

The comments section further highlights the diverse experiences related to isolation. Some users describe how their childhood circumstances, such as being homeschooled or experiencing tension in two-income households, shaped their perception of being alone. Others share personal stories of abuse and loneliness, emphasizing the lasting impact it can have on one's life.

Interestingly, the post also raises the intriguing concept of finding comfort in anonymity. One user muses about the allure of being a famous author under a pseudonym, enjoying the financial success and recognition while remaining hidden from public scrutiny. This notion adds another layer to the complex relationship between isolation, recognition, and personal fulfillment.

While the original post focuses on the struggles of isolation, it also sparks a conversation about the benefits that can arise from being alone. Some individuals express how solitude provides them with a sense of freedom, allowing them to be fully in charge of their own lives. The absence of expectations and the ability to focus on personal interests and passions can be a source of joy and contentment.

Ultimately, the image and accompanying text offer a profound reflection on the human experience of seeking safety in isolation. It sheds light on the complexities of our relationship with solitude, as well as the desire for connection and recognition. The relatability of the post has sparked meaningful conversations and allowed individuals to share their own stories, fostering a sense of understanding and empathy within the online community.

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"I Crave To Be Known, While Never Wanting To Be Seen" --- That could make a nifty tee shirt.


find someone you can be alone with, together. my wife and i enjoy doing everything together, but we often enjoy being alone, together. we will each be doing our own thing; reading, videogames, shows; in the same room but not "together." we enjoy being alone, in each others presence.


Well, I didn't need that hard truth at 06.32 am, yet here we are...


If you were an abused kid, this is a pretty universal experience.


Me: (Eats entire pizza by self, watches movie without interruption, naps anywhere.) "Isolation has its pros and cons."


I was isolated mostly against my will as a child. My mom's mom convinced my parents that I was so fat, ugly and stupid that if I was allowed to go to public school where we lived I would be bullied. So she homeschooled me and kept me locked away in her children's clothing store for years. She also abused me and convinced me the whole family hated me because I was her "favorite" which just meant I did what she asked without question. Now I'm 32, a people pleaser and so lonely. But my dog is cute.


Latch-key kid generation. Two-income households were ramping up, and it put a lot of stress on parents to both work and try to take care of a home and worry about kids being left alone. So, lots of tension in the household. So, yeah, isolation was comfort. But, it was also freedom. Being young and being able to be in charge, take care of yourself. So, isolation was a double-whammy of feel goods: no one around to stress you, and you had freedom to do what you wanted.


F***ing Yep.


i'm in this meme. whether I like it or not is irrelevant +1


Read the lyrics to Mai Yamane - Gotta Knock a Little Harder. This feels too real. Hurts when I listen to it

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