Bob Hoskins' Silly Response to Losing Al Capone Role in "The Untouchables

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Updated Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent Twitter post by the account "Tom Reagan’s Hat," a black and white photograph of the late actor Bob Hoskins has surfaced, accompanied by a witty anecdote. The post revolves around Hoskins' experience of losing the role of Al Capone in the iconic film "The Untouchables" to Robert De Niro, and his humorous response to the situation.

The image captures Hoskins in a cheerful and jovial demeanor, wearing a classic 1920s or 1930s outfit consisting of a fedora hat and a stylish suit. His mock surprise expression, with a slightly open mouth, adds to the charm of the photograph. Holding a newspaper titled "NEWS CHRONICLE," the image exudes a vintage vibe.

The tweet includes a silly quote from Bob Hoskins himself, recounting the moment he received a $200,000 cheque in the mail along with a note from director Brian DePalma that read, "Thanks for your time, love Brian DePalma." Undeterred by the disappointment, Hoskins decided to reach out to DePalma, jokingly saying, "Brian, listen, you got any other films you don’t want me to be in, babe, I’m there for you!"

The tweet has garnered significant attention, with social media users chiming in with their own thoughts and memories of Bob Hoskins. One user even suggested watching "The Long Good Friday" to get a glimpse of how Hoskins could have portrayed Al Capone. Many expressed their admiration for Hoskins' talent and reminisced about their encounters with the late actor, highlighting his friendly nature and genuine interactions.

As the conversation continued, some users delved into the challenges faced by new actors, particularly regarding the audition process and the financial implications. Others praised Hoskins' versatility as an actor, citing his memorable performance as Mario Mario in the film adaptation of "Super Mario Bros." Additionally, a comedian's bit about Hoskins, Stallone, and Schwarzenegger starring in a movie sparked laughter and fond memories among the audience.

Bob Hoskins' legacy lives on through his remarkable talent, infectious charm, and ability to bring characters to life. His response to losing the role of Al Capone in "The Untouchables" showcases his wit and resilience in the face of disappointment. Despite not landing the part, Hoskins' positive attitude and sense of humor endeared him to fans and fellow actors alike.

The Twitter post by "Tom Reagan’s Hat" has shed light on a humorous incident involving Bob Hoskins and his response to missing out on the role of Al Capone. The image, with its vintage aesthetic, captures Hoskins' cheerful disposition, while his quote showcases his quick wit and ability to find humor in any situation. This delightful anecdote serves as a reminder of Hoskins' talent and his ability to win hearts both on and off the screen.

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Could you imagine Mr. Smee being al capone? That would have been wild.


Hoskins would have been a far better choice, imo.


Watch “The Long Good Friday” if you’re unsure whether Hoskins would have been great for the role.


I miss Bob :/


From the thumbnail, I thought that was Al Capone.


It was always jarring hearing Bob Hoskins speak with his ACTUAL voice. Because he was a classically trained fancy british actor.


One of the only actors I ever met. I was a kid, maybe 12, and I went to a local filming. It poured down rain most of the time, and I was one of the only people there. He was very nice and talked to me quite a bit between takes.


Bob Hoskins was a g***** legend.


Might not be a big thing for Bob Hoskins but from what I saw in the reporting about the actors guild strike, this is a big problem for new actors. They are expected to audition, sometimes the process takes months and they don't get paid for it. Not to mention parking or food in those areas can be expensive.


That's a job I don't want to get... How do I sign up?

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