Amusing Paintball Fails: The Epic Battle of Zigzagging and Eye Protection

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are you ready for a wild paintball adventure? Look no further than this viral video that has taken the internet by storm. Titled "Boys will be boys," this action-packed footage showcases a group of friends engaging in what can only be described as an intense game of paintball. However, what starts as a thrilling and entertaining display quickly turns into a amusing series of fails.

The video begins with the participants excitedly gearing up for the game. As the whistle blows, chaos ensues, and the players scatter in all directions. But what happened to the fundamental rule of zigzagging? One commentator cheekily points out, "Guess they never heard of zigzagging." It seems that the tactic of serpentine movements was forgotten, resulting in some amusing mishaps.

As the players sprint across the field, laughter fills the air. "Zigged when he should have zagged," one commenter observes, capturing the essence of the comical moments that unfold. It becomes clear that the winner of this game is determined not by skill or strategy, but rather by sheer luck. "The game is kind of bad since the winner is basically just who the bottle points at. The paintballing doesn't really determine anything," expresses another amused viewer.

While the video is undeniably entertaining, it is not without controversy. Concerns about safety are raised as some of the players neglect to wear proper paintball masks. One responsible paintball player expresses their frustration, stating, "As a responsible paintball player, this makes me angry for one reason: they aren't wearing proper paintball masks. Looks like fun to me, but be responsible and stay safe."

Despite the lack of eye protection, some viewers argue that the players are facing away when being shot, minimizing the risk. "That looks fun! I get the lack of eye protection, but they are facing away when getting shot. So not a huge concern. The guy at the end is kind of a d*** though… Just going full walnut on his buddy," comments an amused spectator.

As the video continues, the fun and excitement become contagious. Viewers reminisce about their own paintball adventures, with one exclaiming, "G******* I miss competitive paintball." Even those who may not fit the stereotypical paintball player image express their enthusiasm for the game. "I am Old, fat, with a busted hip, 4 types of arthritis... I would play the f*** out of this game," confesses a self-proclaimed unlikely participant.

In the end, the video serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and responsible play in any sport or recreational activity. While the participants in this particular game may have taken some creative liberties with their tactics, it's crucial to prioritize the well-being of all involved. "Eye protection is for losers with two working eyes," sarcastically comments one viewer, highlighting the need for proper safety gear.

So, if you're craving a good laugh and want to witness the hilarity that ensues when paintball players forget the art of zigzagging, this video is a must-watch. Just remember, whether you're a seasoned paintball pro or a newbie, safety should always come first. Happy watching and stay safe on the battlefield!

Disclaimer: The events depicted in this video are for entertainment purposes only. Always prioritize safety and follow the rules and guidelines set forth by official paintball organizations.

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As a responsible paintball player, this makes me angry for one reason: they aren't wearing proper paintball masks. Looks like fun to me, but be responsible and stay safe. Rant over.




Tiny octopus notes that they all graduated with honors from the Rickon Stark School of Evasion Tactics.


This is what "boys being boys" should mean.


Zig zag!


Better than full contact lawn jarts


Zigged when he should have zagged


The game is kind of bad, since the winner is basically just who the bottle points at. The painballing doesn't really determine anything.


A old friend was messing around with his gun without the saftey on. Was just standing there without my mask on and he shoot me in the face less then 3 feet away. I almost luckily it barely missed my eye and hit me in the cheek. But ya, this is a good way to get hurt without eye and throat pro.


Eye protection is for losers with two working eyes.

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