Vivek Ramaswamy Joins 2024 Presidential Race

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, January 15, 2024 at 12:38 PM CDT

Vivek Ramaswamy Joins 2024 Presidential Race

As the United States braces for the 2024 presidential elections, Republican Vivek Ramaswamy has thrown his hat into the ring, adding to the growing list of candidates vying for the nation's highest office. This announcement comes at a pivotal moment when concerns mount over the potential election of right-wing leaders, which some experts argue could represent the greatest threat to global democracy in our time.

Ishaan Tharoor from The Washington Post and journalist Maria Ressa have voiced apprehensions that the upcoming elections could be decisive for the future of democratic governance. Their concerns are echoed by Nicholas Vinocur of Politico Europe, who fears a global shift from democracy to autocracy, and Zanny Minton Beddoes of The Economist, who anticipates that the choices made at the polls could entrench corrupt and incompetent leaders worldwide.

This year, over 60 countries, representing nearly 4 billion people, will hold national elections, making 2024 a landmark year for global politics. Among the critical elections is the European Union's parliamentary vote in June, which may signal the influence of the far right on the political mainstream.

A significant portion of the global population, approximately 41%, is expected to participate in these pivotal elections. The outcomes could shape international relations for years to come, with a potential rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump being viewed as the most critical election in the U.S.

The rise of extremist populist parties, notably right-wing, across the European Union and the Pacific rim has become increasingly evident. Political observers like Karishma Vaswani and Brian Klaas of The Atlantic have reported an uptick in populism and authoritarianism in these regions. Klaas highlights the role of the fragmented media landscape in bolstering the popularity of populist movements since 2016, pointing to countries like Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States as examples.

Experts warn that electing openly authoritarian leaders could significantly turn the world away from democratic values. Concerns about migration and increased criminality in major cities have led some voters to question liberal policies, with a perceived public interest in strongman rule emerging in significant democracies like the United States and India.

Should Donald Trump secure a second term, Beddoes suggests that America could become an unpredictable and isolationist nation, with catastrophic risks for global democracy and the stability of international relations. As candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy enter the political fray, the world watches with bated breath to see whether the tide of illiberal values and politicians will continue to rise or whether a renewed commitment to global democracy will prevail.

Conservative Bias:

As the liberal media wrings its hands over the so-called 'threat' to global democracy, true patriots like Vivek Ramaswamy step forward to save our nation from the clutches of socialist decay. The leftist fearmongers, with their doomsday predictions, are simply terrified of strong, conservative leadership restoring America’s greatness. They'd rather see the country bow to globalist agendas and domestic anarchy than witness a resurgence of the values that made America the beacon of freedom. The liberal elite are shaking in their boots because they know conservative candidates like Ramaswamy will put an end to their radical, open-border policies and their coddling of criminals, and instead prioritize American sovereignty, law, and order. The so-called experts and journalists from their echo chambers are pushing a narrative of doom and gloom to sway the public against the rise of leaders who actually want to put America first. But the silent majority knows better – they see through the liberal propaganda and are ready to take a stand against the leftist agenda that threatens to undermine our democracy and our way of life.

Liberal Bias:

The entry of Vivek Ramaswamy into the 2024 presidential race is yet another alarming sign of the Republican Party's descent into demagoguery and right-wing extremism. The GOP continues to field candidates who stand against the very essence of democracy, eagerly dismantling the progress we've made toward a more inclusive and equitable society. These conservative fearmongers capitalize on xenophobia, peddling lies about crime and immigration to manipulate the electorate into surrendering their freedoms to authoritarian strongmen. It's no surprise that the same party that once embraced Donald Trump, a man who t****led on democratic norms and international relations, would now champion another candidate who threatens to further erode our democratic institutions. The world is watching in horror as the Republican Party abandons reason and morality, instead choosing to st*** the fires of division and hate in a desperate grab for power. Progressive voices must unite to combat this tide of illiberalism and protect the values of democracy, compassion, and social justice that are under siege by these right-wing radicals.

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