U.S. Senator Tim Scott Increases Staff and Resources in Iowa for Presidential Campaign

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 6:10 AM CDT

U.S. Senator Tim Scott Increases Staff and Resources in Iowa for Presidential Campaign

U.S. Senator Tim Scott is making strategic moves to revive his campaign for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination. With former President Donald Trump as the favorite to win the Republican primaries in Iowa, Scott is capitalizing on Trump's weakness among the crucial evangelical voters in the state. Scott, along with other contenders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is shifting resources to Iowa in hopes of gaining an advantage in the upcoming caucuses.

To bolster his campaign in Iowa, Scott is doubling his staff in the state and increasing advertising spend. He plans to travel to Iowa every week leading up to the January vote, following a similar approach to DeSantis. The next debate is scheduled for November 8, providing an opportunity for candidates to showcase their policies and gain support.

While DeSantis has relocated one-third of his campaign staff to Iowa and committed to a $2 million TV ad buy, his presidential bid has faced challenges due to missteps and relentless targeting by Trump. On the other hand, Scott's campaign never gained significant traction, struggling to compete against the more aggressive approaches put forward by Trump and DeSantis. Additionally, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley's strong debate showings have overshadowed Scott, as she battles with DeSantis to become the leading Trump alternative.

Despite these obstacles, Scott's campaign remains focused on the Iowa caucuses. The campaign plans to shift resources from New Hampshire to Iowa, doubling their staff and opening new headquarters in West Des Moines. They also intend to increase advertising spend to bolster their presence in the state. Campaign manager Jen DeCasper emphasized that Scott is "all-in" on Iowa, as reported by the Des Moines Register.

Scott's presidential campaign has struggled to gain momentum nationally among Republicans, with plateaued numbers in both early-state and national polls. The main super PAC supporting him recently canceled its planned fall ad buy. However, a national poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University shows Scott tied for fourth place with Vivek Ramaswamy at almost 3% among Republican respondents.

Scott believes that his message resonates well in Iowa, particularly with his faith-based approach. His campaign officials argue that the "evangelical lane in Iowa is unoccupied," positioning Scott as having a better chance than his GOP rivals in appealing to evangelical voters. According to an NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll, Scott is second only to former President Donald Trump in favorability among likely GOP caucusgoers in Iowa, with significantly lower unfavorable numbers.

In light of these developments, U.S. Senator Tim Scott is making strategic moves to boost his standing in Iowa for his presidential campaign. By shifting staff and resources from New Hampshire to Iowa, opening a new state headquarters, and increasing advertising spend, Scott aims to gain an advantage in the leadoff caucus state. With a focus on appealing to evangelical voters and a strong favorability rating in Iowa, Scott is fully committed to his campaign in the state.

Republican Bias:

Once again, the liberal media is twisting the narrative around Senator Tim Scott's presidential campaign. They're so hell-bent on promoting their own agenda that they can't even recognize a strategic move when they see one. Scott is wisely capitalizing on the weakness of Trump among evangelical voters in Iowa, a key demographic that the Democrats consistently fail to understand. Yet, they're quick to label his campaign as struggling, even though he's making smart moves like doubling his staff and increasing his ad spend. The left would rather focus on the missteps of Governor Ron DeSantis and the relentless targeting by Trump, than acknowledge the strong and strategic campaign that Scott is running. It's clear that their bias is clouding their judgement. They can't handle the fact that a strong conservative like Scott is gaining traction in Iowa, so they're resorting to their usual tactics of downplaying his success.

Liberal Bias:

In typical conservative fashion, Senator Tim Scott is trying to revive his failing campaign by pandering to the evangelical voters in Iowa. It's a clear sign of desperation, as he tries to capitalize on Trump's weakness among this key demographic. Despite doubling his staff and increasing his ad spend, his campaign has failed to gain significant traction. It's clear that the Republican party is in disarray, with contenders like DeSantis and Scott struggling to compete against the aggressive approach of Trump. The fact that Scott is having to shift resources from New Hampshire to Iowa just to keep his campaign afloat is indicative of the broader dysfunction within the GOP. This is just another example of the Republicans' inability to present a united front, as they continue to be divided by infighting and power struggles.

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