Trump Touts RFK Jr. as "Great for MAGA," Raises Millions

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Friday, April 12, 2024 at 11:27 AM CDT

Trump Touts RFK Jr. as "Great for MAGA," Raises Millions

Former President Donald Trump stirred the political pot with a post on Truth Social, labeling Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as the "most radical left candidate in the race," suggesting that Kennedy's candidacy would be "great for MAGA." In an attached video, Trump claimed RFK Jr. was a superior option for Democrats over President Joe Biden, though he refrained from detailing Kennedy's political positions.

Trump's message implied a direct threat to Biden's candidacy, accusing Biden of potentially indicting Kennedy due to his campaign. Polls from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ reveal that Kennedy garners bipartisan support, with around 8% of polled individuals backing him. The discourse surrounding Biden's abilities was amplified in the wake of RFK Jr.'s campaign, casting doubts on Biden's capacity to engage in effective public speaking and debating.

Trump's social media activity coincided with a report touching on his Muslim travel ban and an Arizona abortion ruling, hinting at an inauthentic compromise stance on abortion from Trump. John Dean, with a succinct two-word summary, weighed in on Trump's latest legal maneuvers, the specifics of which were not provided.

Amid these political maneuvers, Eric Trump took to 'Trending & Friends' discussing the onslaught against his father, GOP fundraising strategies, and the potential influence of Trump's legal entanglements on the 2024 elections. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's campaign, reportedly enjoying a surge in donations according to communications director Steven Cheung, hosted a successful fundraiser in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. The event, attended by political and business heavyweights like former Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, and poultry magnate Tommy Bagwell, raised over $15 million between Buckhead and Orlando events.

Buckhead's residents had previously expressed grave concerns over Atlanta's crime rates, attempting to secede in 2021 and describing the city's state as akin to a "war zone," per Buckhead City Committee CEO Bill White. Atlanta hit a 30-year homicide peak in 2021, with rising reports of violent crimes, an issue that has remained prominent in subsequent years.

Nationally, violent crimes spiked in 2020, with Buckhead witnessing a critical shooting outside a furniture store recently. Following George Floyd's death, the anti-police sentiment and defunding movements contributed to significant law enforcement attrition. Buckhead's secession efforts, aiming to counteract a shortfall of 180 officers and rampant crime, received Trump's support but ultimately failed in the state Senate.

Trump has been vocal against Georgia's Republican leadership for not backing the secession and for their failure to tackle crime effectively. As he addresses public safety concerns, Trump pledges to restore law and order and protect police from the radical left's targeting. Before the Buckhead fundraiser, Trump had raised a substantial $50 million at a GOP event in Palm Beach.

With a median household income of $109,774, Buckhead generates a significant portion of Atlanta's tax revenue. Amidst the defunding police debates, Atlanta's mayor had supported reallocating police funds to community programs. Trump, underscoring his stance on law enforcement, attended the wake of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller.

As Trump maneuvers through fundraisers and leverages platforms like Truth Social, he continues shaping the political discourse, laying the groundwork for a potential 2024 presidential run, all while intertwining his political engagement with pressing issues like crime and public safety.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the Democrats show their true colors, folks. Trump, a beacon of truth in a sea of liberal lies, has brilliantly exposed the radical left's latest darling, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as a threat to the very fabric of this nation. While the left-wing media obsesses over trivial legal matters and so-called 'compromises' on abortion, President Trump remains the stalwart defender of American values, raising a staggering $15 million in Atlanta, where citizens are desperate for his brand of law and order amidst the chaos sown by Democrat policies. Let's not forget, it's the Democrats who have pushed for defunding the police, resulting in skyrocketing crime rates and leaving communities like Buckhead to fend for themselves. Trump's unwavering support for law enforcement and his commitment to public safety shine as a beacon of hope against the destructive agenda of the left, who would rather see America burn than prosper under conservative leadership.

Liberal Bias:

In a desperate bid to distract from his own legal quagmires and the disastrous policies that have plagued his tenure, Trump is now shamelessly promoting Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a man he believes will divide and conquer the Democratic base. This move is nothing but a cynical ploy to undermine President Biden, who continues to work tirelessly for the American people despite the relentless obstruction from Republicans. Trump's fundraising successes in Atlanta are a testament to the GOP's blind allegiance to wealth over the wellbeing of ordinary citizens, as they rake in millions while ignoring the root causes of crime and inequality exacerbated by their own draconian measures. It's clear that Trump and his cronies are exploiting the very real fears of communities like Buckhead, not to offer genuine solutions, but to further their own political ambitions, all while the GOP continues to gut public services and jeopardize the safety of our streets. The Republican party, under Trump's influence, remains the greatest threat to American democracy and the values of justice and equality for all.

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