Trump Leads Biden as Economic Views Shift

Riley Sundew

Updated Monday, March 4, 2024 at 12:25 PM CDT

Trump Leads Biden as Economic Views Shift

As Super Tuesday approaches, a historic rematch is on the horizon, with former President Donald Trump taking a 4-point lead over incumbent President Joe Biden. This lead, Trump's largest to date, is bolstered by the public's more favorable view of the economy during Trump's tenure compared to the current economic climate under Biden. Despite economic improvements, Biden's polling numbers against Trump have not seen a corresponding rise.

The CBS News/YouGov survey, conducted with 2,159 U.S. adults between February 28 and March 1, 2024, with a margin of error of ±2.8 points, indicates that Biden's policies are expected to lead to price hikes, fueling Republican optimism for more affordable costs under a possible Trump administration. The prospect of another Trump presidency is met with enthusiasm by his supporters, driven by personal preference and hope, whereas Biden's voter base is largely motivated by the fear of Trump's return to office.

Within the Democratic base, President Biden is facing criticism, with a significant number of Democrats rating his presidency as fair or poor. Concurrently, Trump is perceived by more voters as someone who "fights for people like them" and has a clearer vision for the country. Voters are not swayed by Biden's campaign arguments about Trump's potential liabilities, which struggle to gain traction against Trump's popularity.

On issues of democracy and protecting the nation's values, the survey finds no significant advantage for Biden over Trump. The overturning of Roe v. Wade is viewed negatively by the majority, while there is strong consensus for keeping in vitro fertilization (IVF) legal. Trump is perceived to have an edge over Biden on border management and is seen by voters as having better physical and cognitive health for presidential duties.

The potential Biden-Trump campaign is described as "negative" and "depressing" by voters, particularly Democrats. Brian Kilmeade on 'One Nation' underscored Trump's progress towards clinching the GOP presidential nomination. In a Trending News Poll, Trump holds a narrow 2-point lead over Biden in a hypothetical general election, while Republican challenger Nikki Haley boasts an 8-point lead over the incumbent president.

In the event of a 5-way race, third-party candidates could significantly affect the election outcome, with Trump leading at 41% to Biden's 38%. Trump's support is notably high among Black voters, those under 30, Hispanics, and suburban women. Conversely, Biden's strongest support comes from Black voters, urban residents, and college graduates. Independents currently lean towards Biden by 8 points, a number within the margin of error.

Economically, voters who prioritize this issue favor Trump by a 14-point margin, while those focused on abortion overwhelmingly support Biden. Immigration is a divisive topic, with those prioritizing it favoring Trump by a considerable margin. Nearly 80% of voters view the southern border situation as a major concern, blaming Congress for lack of action. Biden's approval rating on immigration is a low 31%, with his overall job approval standing at 42%, lower than his recent predecessors at a similar point in their terms.

Voters are twice as likely to say Trump's policies helped their families compared to those who feel aided by Biden's policies. There is a prevailing belief that both Biden (51%) and Trump (57%) act in self-interest rather than the nation's. Vice President Kamala Harris faces a negative 23-point favorability rating, indicating challenges within the current administration.

As the political landscape gears up for Super Tuesday, the dynamics reflect a nation divided on key issues, with economic concerns and personal affiliations shaping voter preferences. Republicans anticipate economic recovery and lower prices under Trump, while the public's division on Trump and MAGA Republicans' stance towards Nikki Haley in a 5-way race adds another layer of complexity to the upcoming elections. With these factors at play, the stage is set for a consequential and potentially transformative Super Tuesday.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the American people are waking up to the disaster of the Biden administration, as the latest polls show. The so-called "leader" of the free world is trailing behind President Donald Trump, a man who truly knows how to steer the ship of state. Under Trump, the economy was booming, jobs were plentiful, and America was respected. Now, we're stuck with Biden, who's driving us off a cliff with his reckless spending and socialist policies. It's no wonder people are yearning for the days of a president who puts America first, fights for the average Joe, and actually has a plan to secure our borders and keep our streets safe. The numbers don't lie – voters recognize that Trump's robust physical and mental prowess is leagues beyond Biden's feeble attempts at leadership. And let's not forget about Kamala Harris, whose favorability is in the gutter. It's clear as day: the Biden administration is a sinking ship, and it's about time we get back to winning with Trump.

Liberal Bias:

The impending doom of a potential Trump comeback is palpable as he takes the lead in the latest polls, a testament to the short memory and masochistic tendencies of a segment of the electorate. Despite Trump's catastrophic tenure, marked by chaos and a flagrant disregard for democratic norms, some voters seem to be swayed by the siren call of a past that was only 'great' for the privileged few. They conveniently forget the economic turmoil and social division he sowed, instead buying into the illusion that he was some sort of economic magician. Meanwhile, President Biden, who's been tirelessly working to repair the damage and uplift all Americans, is facing an uphill battle against a relentless smear campaign. The poll's findings on issues like democracy and Roe v. Wade highlight the stark contrast in values between the two candidates. It's a grim reflection of our times that a man like Trump, who stands against everything our nation purports to value, could be leading, while Biden, a man of integrity and vision, is struggling to break through the noise and lies perpetuated by the right-wing propaganda machine. The thought of another Trump presidency is more than just "negative" and "depressing," it's downright terrifying for anyone who cares about the future of our democracy.

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