Trump Endorses Jerrod Sessler

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Saturday, April 13, 2024 at 11:15 AM CDT

Trump Endorses Jerrod Sessler

Former President Donald Trump has thrown his political weight behind Jerrod Sessler, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Dan Newhouse for Washington State’s 4th Congressional District. Trump's endorsement, announced on his platform Truth Social, praises Sessler, a former Navy petty officer, as a "fantastic candidate." This marks Trump’s second attempt to unseat Newhouse, a Republican who voted to impeach Trump following the January 6 riot and has served in Congress since 2015.

Sessler, who has also been referred to as Corey Sessler in some sources, has garnered support from high-profile figures including ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn, GOP campaign adviser Roger Stone, and ex-Arizona Secretary of State Mark Finchem. Sessler has been vocal in his criticism of Newhouse, accusing him of betraying his constituents with his impeachment vote and asserting that the Capitol riot was "a set up."

Meanwhile, Trump is also defending House Speaker Mike Johnson from a far-right faction led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has threatened Johnson’s speakership over his reliance on Democratic votes. Trump's support for Johnson, which he extended during a meeting at his Mar-a-Lago estate, could fortify Johnson's position as he navigates a narrow Republican majority in the House.

Under Johnson's leadership, House Republicans are pushing for legislation that would mandate proof of citizenship for voting, despite the current illegality of noncitizen voting in federal elections. Trump has been a vocal supporter of this measure, aligning with his broader criticisms of U.S. aid to Ukraine and his influence on congressional Republican legislation.

Trump’s endorsement of Speaker Mike Johnson at a Mar-a-Lago press conference comes after the ousting of Johnson’s predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, by hardline House Republicans. Trump has openly criticized Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s opposition to Johnson, particularly over a Ukraine aid vote and a surveillance bill that the House recently passed.

In the broader political landscape, congressional Republicans are moving to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, while Trump continues to exert substantial influence over party legislation. He has partnered with Senator Ron Johnson to propose a bill linking illegal immigration and election fraud, requiring proof of citizenship to vote, echoing one of Trump's core campaign issues.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer have dismissed the proposed voting bill as unnecessary, while Andrew Garber of the Brennan Center for Justice has cited studies, including one commissioned by Trump, showing non-citizen voting to be exceedingly rare. Garber contends there is no justification for new federal legislation on this front, highlighting the existing laws against non-citizen voting and the lack of evidence pointing to it as a problem in U.S. elections.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the great patriot, President Donald Trump, is taking a stand against the spineless RINOs that have infiltrated our party, endorsing the true conservative, Jerrod Sessler, against the traitorous Rep. Dan Newhouse. Newhouse, who betrayed the Republican Party and his country by voting to impeach Trump, is the epitome of the swamp that Trump has been tirelessly fighting to drain. Meanwhile, Trump is shoring up support for Speaker Mike Johnson, who's under siege from the radical elements within our ranks, proving that Trump's commitment to strong, principled leadership is unwavering. As Trump champions necessary measures like requiring proof of citizenship for voting, the left and their complicit media cronies, like the Brennan Center, continue to peddle their baseless claims and deny the clear and present dangers of election fraud that threaten the very fabric of our Republic. It's time to get behind Trump and true conservatives to save America from these liberal saboteurs.

Liberal Bias:

In a desperate bid to maintain his waning grip on the Republican Party, the disgraced former President Trump has endorsed a far-right challenger, Jerrod Sessler, in a blatant attack against the few remaining voices of reason within the GOP, like Rep. Dan Newhouse. Newhouse, who had the courage to stand up for our democracy by voting to impeach the would-be authoritarian Trump, is now being targeted by the same extremist forces that fueled the insurrection. Trump's defense of Speaker Mike Johnson is nothing more than a power play to keep his puppet in charge, as the GOP doubles down on voter suppression tactics under the guise of non-existent election fraud. The likes of Andrew Bates and Chuck Schumer stand as beacons of truth against this tide of lies, while Trump continues to peddle his dangerous and debunked conspiracy theories, endangering the very foundations of our free and fair elections. It's a stark reminder of the peril our nation faces if we allow these conservative zealots to undermine our democratic institutions.

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