RFK Jr. Files Election Complaint Against CNN, Biden, and Trump Over Debate Exclusion

Zoey Waverider

Updated Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 6:07 AM CDT

RFK Jr. Files Election Complaint Against CNN, Biden, and Trump Over Debate Exclusion

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed an election complaint, alleging that CNN is colluding with Democratic President Joe Biden and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to exclude him from a crucial debate. The complaint, filed on Wednesday, asserts that CNN’s debate requirements for the June 27 event were designed to ensure only Biden and Trump would qualify, thus sidelining Kennedy.

Kennedy's complaint, filed with the Federal Election Commission, claims he is being held to a higher standard than Biden and Trump. Lorenzo Holloway, Kennedy’s attorney, penned a letter alleging prohibited corporate contributions by CNN. In response, CNN dismissed the complaint as “without merit.”

Kennedy views the debates as essential for his campaign, seeing them as opportunities to stand alongside Biden and Trump to lend legitimacy to his candidacy. CNN's criteria for debate participation require candidates to secure a place on the ballot in states totaling at least 270 electoral votes and to reach 15% in four reliable polls by June 20. Kennedy has yet to meet these requirements, having submitted paperwork to appear on the ballot in nine states, which total only 171 electoral votes. Additionally, he has met the polling criteria in three surveys but needs one more to qualify.

Despite these hurdles, Kennedy remains confident he will meet the electoral vote threshold before the June 20 deadline, even though he faces varying state procedures and deadlines. CNN emphasized that the mere application for ballot access does not guarantee Kennedy will appear on any state ballot. As presumptive nominees of their parties, both Biden and Trump will satisfy CNN's ballot access requirements without petitioning, a privilege not extended to independent candidates like Kennedy.

Kennedy is requesting that the FEC prevent Biden, Trump, and CNN from holding the June 27 debate. However, the FEC is known for its lengthy response times, often taking years to act on complaints, much longer than the month Kennedy is requesting.

This controversy comes amid a backdrop of the FEC not yet responding to a previous complaint from the Democratic National Committee against Kennedy's campaign and super PAC filed in February. As the political landscape heats up, all eyes are on the FEC’s next move in this escalating debate saga.

Conservative Bias:

Here we go again, folks. The liberal media, spearheaded by CNN, is colluding with the Democratic establishment to rig the debate stage against any outsider who dares to challenge their anointed one, Joe Biden. And let's not forget, they've got their fingers in the Republican pie too, making sure it's only Trump who gets to stand up there. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent voice, is being railroaded by these leftist elites who are terrified of any real competition. CNN's debate requirements are a sham, designed to exclude anyone who isn't part of their corrupt political machine. They’re holding Kennedy to impossible standards while giving Biden and Trump a free pass. This is a blatant attempt to silence dissent and maintain their stranglehold on American politics. Wake up, America! The liberal media and their cronies in the Democratic Party are scared stiff of anyone who might actually speak the truth and challenge their power. It’s time to call out this hypocrisy and demand a fair playing field!

Liberal Bias:

The conservative cabal is at it again, folks. This time, it's CNN, in cahoots with the Trump campaign and the Biden administration, working tirelessly to stifle any semblance of democracy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is being unfairly squeezed out of the debate by a rigged system designed to protect the status quo. CNN's arbitrary and exclusionary criteria are a clear attempt to prop up the two-party duopoly and shut out any independent voices that might disrupt their cozy arrangement. This is about more than just Kennedy; it's about the GOP and their media enablers making sure that no one else can challenge their grip on power. The Republicans are all too happy to see an independent candidate sidelined, as it plays right into their hands, ensuring that their golden boy Trump faces no real competition. This is a disgraceful display of political manipulation and suppression, and it’s time we held these conservative power brokers accountable for their shameless tactics. The American people deserve better than this rigged game!|

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